Can you buy followers on Instagram

Can you buy followers on Instagram?

While scrolling through Instagram, you might come across a certain post that has more than a million views and likes. You curiously check out the account and find out that they have over a million followers. Now you are thinking whether they are authentic or not. 


To clear the fog, some are authentic followers, while some avail services from service providers like Social Zinger, who promote certain packages at affordable prices. Now the question is, can you buy followers on instagram? The answer is- yes! You can absolutely buy instagram followers and enjoy a sudden rise in your account growth. 


As per Instagram statistics, there are more than a billion accounts on Instagram that are actively sharing posts and enjoying their global audience engagement. You, too, can be a part of this category, as we have laid down the roadmap for you below. Read on to know more! 


What is Instagram?


After getting launched in 2010, Instagram became a top video-sharing platform in no time. With over 3 billion downloads, this social media platform has found its way to every other person’s mobile phone. 


Being a video and photo sharing platform, Instagram’s interface makes it easier for users to share their moments easily and even directly from their camera albums. The platform has upgraded over the years and enables users to create short-format videos like reels that help them gain attention and engagement from a global audience. 


This social media medium’s comfort has made it an easy route for content creators and influencers to share their ideas with worldwide audiences from the comfort of their homes. They can easily get high engagement with more likes, views, shares, and comments on their content. 


Apart from being an entertainment source, Instagram has now also become a successful marketplace. Enabling businesses to market their products and services through engaging and visually appealing content helps them bring home more customers. This also helps them to target their desired audience and conveniently advertise their products and services. 


Apart from its interesting interface, Instagram also has some amazing features that not only attract post creation from content creators but also drive engagement from global active users. Stories, reels, and post-saving are mainly the most used among its many features. Many active Instagram users usually scroll through their feeds only to find reels and engaging image posts that keep them addicted to this social media application. 


Hence, Instagram is an entertainment platform and also a marketplace, which is beneficial for businesses and content creators both. 


Can you buy followers on Instagram?


Since the presence of services where consumers can enjoy a follower boost on Instagram easily, it is, in fact, possible to buy followers on Instagram. Service providers like Social Zinger market packages which help Instagrammers boost their instagram followers at an affordable price. Curated especially according to the need, the Instagram packages come with the possibility to customize and render according to the buyer’s need. 


Buying instagram followers helps the active account boost its growth and increase its reach, making the account visible. So the question arises- how is this beneficial for anybody? To answer this question, you have to understand that an increase in instagram followers makes one Instagram profile trustworthy and attracts attention from potential collaborators and followers. Mostly availed by businesses or budding small businesses, the service has helped them enjoy high sales, gain more customers, and even collaborate with fellow brands. 


Apart from small businesses that need a boost in their follower count, many other categories of Instagram accounts, like influencers who are just starting out, want to purchase Instagram followers. Bringing their A-game to this social media platform, Instagram influencers aim to get noticed by other high-engaging accounts and top Instagram influencers who have already mastered the industry. 


While the best instagram influencers are already enjoying their audiences’ attention, it is their high follower count that makes their account trustworthy. Since today’s definition of virtual celebrity has a different meaning, it is the follower count that helps instagram users distinguish the original account from the one that a fan or a fan group once created. 


How do you buy Instagram followers?


Although buying followers is relatively easy, it is the question of how to buy instagram followers. With the technological advancement and high demand in the social media industry, many service providers have mushroomed and made a massive customer base. But how does one choose the best one? How would one know that a certain platform is authentic and the right choice for your instgram growth? How can one buy Instagram followers without fear?


The answers to every question one would have while making the decision to buy Instagram followers can be found further in this section. When one surfs the internet in search of best Instagram followers provider, they tend to come across a million search results. Some of the listed service providers can be scammers, while some might genuinely help one build up their Instagram presence. Therefore, it is essential to scoop out the authentic online Instagram followers providers. 


Once the first step is done, it is to decide how to buy followers on instagram, now. The provider must have listed details about their packages on their website, such as how many followers they are providing and at what price. This might help the buyer understand their requirement needs and how much budget they would require for an official Instagram follower growth. With different plans available, the number of followers either increases or decreases. 


For instance, if some entity wants to buy 1000 instagram followers, they need to select a certain plan that covers their requirement and then validate the price it is available at. Going from 100 to 1000 instagram followers overnight isn’t magic. 


Once the buyer has decided on the amount of Instgram followers they want to buy and the price suits their wallets, the next step is to pay them. After paying the service provider the required amount, they can easily expect the desired results to happen in a shorter duration. 


Should you buy Instagram followers?


Buying instagram followers is the new and easier way to enjoy account growth and maximum reach of one’s instagram posts. Many instagram account owners have often chosen the organic path to gain followers, that often takes time and patience, but sometimes, their hard work doesn’t pay off. Hence, they start looking for newer, easier, and more affordable methods to gain followers on instagram. 


Being a better option to increase engagement and reach, many instagram accounts are still hesitant to buy instagram followers. At the same time, those who have understood the power of gaining the increase on instagram try to take full advantage of it. With a higher count of instagram followers, many accounts can enjoy the benefit, and the one category that takes major advantage is ‘business account’. 


Brands or business accounts try to gain instagram followers quickly so that they can increase their customer base. However, the traditional methods of marketing involved tactics like word of mouth, but with technological advancements, which is a blessing in disguise, the brands or businesses tend to focus on their social presence. 


With the advancement of social media and such facilities, people have found the absolute answer to how to buy more followers on instagram. While this is surely a boon for business accounts, social media influencers are also joining this trend. Availing new followers on their has its own set of benefits, but there are additional pros to it, too. Here are some that would interest you: 


Quick follower growth


With the availability of buying instagram followers, there is evident follower growth, which not only bridges the gap of absence of trust in an account but also makes the account more visible. With so many competitors on the platform, the go-to option for many business accounts is to buy instagram followers. 


With a larger presence on this social media medium, it also makes it suspicious. Many active Instagram users might not follow an account that has a massive follower count but need more posts. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the balance between one’s post count and follower count. 


Possible Cognizant Value


The health of an instagram account is crucial and can be measured by the activity status of the account owner. If there are just 10 posts, but the follower count is above 100000, then the user might find it suspicious and not add itself to the followers list. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the balance between post counts and follower counts.


Sometimes, an instagram account owner might archive some of its posts while maintaining a high follower count. That, too, can be perceived as a suspicious account and might get blocked by the platform itself. 


Therefore, it is important to maintain the value of an account and be trustworthy. Once somebody pay for instagram followers, their account gives the impression of being successful and popular. This impression drives more engagement from fellow followers, and hence, their account becomes more visible than their competitors. 


Bigger customer base


Especially beneficial for business account holders, buying instagram followers is a boon. They could increase their customer base in a much easier way. Although marketing skills are essential, but the right platform plays a crucial role, too. 


Increased follower count helps get brands noticed by potential customers, ultimately resulting in higher sales. While some brands have already started focusing on digitally marketing their products and services, some are still learning their way through. Their increased sales also indicate the maximum reach the brands are achieving and also setting their next target accordingly. 


For instance, if a fashion brand has just made a debut on Instagram, it would lack a certain number of posts. With minimum posts, it could not achieve a global reach. Therefore, they decide to buy instagram followers. This high following count compliments the constant posting of content on instagram by the brand. This, in turn, creates a trustworthy image of the brand amongst possible consumers. Now, when the customer knows about this certain brand, it would start following it on Instagram. 


This is how a possible customer turns into a follower on instagram. Hence, buying instagram followers has its own benefits customized as per the requirement of the account holder. 


Rise of engagement possibilities


When a brand or influencer buys Instagram followers, they create a possibility of getting recognition from follow craters or brands. This way, they help promote their own ideas, products, and services while helping them build theirs, too. 


For instance, when an influencer considers to buy Instagram follower, they bring authenticity to their instagram account. This makes other brands and content creators trust their instagram account. This way, they could ask for a collaboration to promote or endorse a certain product or service. 


Just like the example mentioned earlier, there are many content creators and brands who are following this trend in order to get recognized. Also, helps them bring in sales and leave an impact on active Instagram users. 


Creation of business growth channels


Having increased Instagram followers on your account tends to help attract engagement from other content creators. Following this notion, many brands have started utilizing this idea and treat instagram as an authentic marketplace. 


Once a brand acquires Instagram followers, they have already attracted either new customers or added more customers through their increased follower count. With this increased follower count, their sales from Instagram have also increased. 


After understanding that Instagram is acting as a prominent factor in their increased sales, they transitioned to other social media mediums, too. This method is referred to as channeling. Now, with the established audience base and increased follower count on Instagram, they can easily find success and sales from other social media platforms too. Utilizing their high follower count from one medium to another would pave an easier and hurdle-free path for the brand. 


FAQs Regarding Buying Instagram Followers


Q: Is there a way to buy active Instagram followers?


Yes, there is! If you wish to increase your followers but are not ready to welcome bot-generated followers, then you should go for Social Zinger. Being an authentic and legal service provider, they offer their customers the opportunity to buy active Instagram followers at an affordable price. 


Q: How to get 10,000 followers on Instagram?


Buying Instagram followers is relatively easy now since the inception of service providers like Social Zinger. They offer a budget-friendly 10k instagram follower package that promises to increase your follower count quickly. With a smaller amount of followers, it takes minimum time, whereas with a higher follower count, like 10,000, it takes relatively more minutes to show up. 


Q: How much does Instagram pay for 1K followers?


Although Instagram is a video-sharing social media platform, it also pays its consumers for sharing their ideas. If a user has good and engaging content, name recognition, audience graphics, and skillset, Instagram considers their account for payment. If they have 1K followers to their account, Instagram pays a standard $10 (subjective to change).


Q: What is the minimum number of followers to get paid on Instagram?


Instagram has always acknowledged paying its consumers for the content they provide using this medium. Therefore, there are certain pay amounts determined any influencer might get if they have the following:

  • Micro-influencer: 10,000–50,000 followers ($100–$500 per post) 
  • Mid-tier influencer: 50,000–500,000 followers ($500–$5,000 per post) 
  • Macro-influencer: 500,000–1 million followers ($5,000–$10,000 per post)
  • Mega-influencer: 1 million+ followers ($10,000–$1 million+ per post)

Q: Is it legal to buy followers on Instagram?


Yes! You can buy Instagram followers, and it wouldn’t be illegal. No law states that buying Instagram followers is illegal. However, you need to ensure that you have active followers on your instagram account who could drive your organic growth. Having a massive amount of fake followers can make your account lose credibility and trigger Instagram’s algorithm. 


Final Thoughts on Buying Instagram Followers


As we wrap up and give the absolute answer to Can you buy followers on instagram? One must understand that buying Instagram followers is a quick and easy way to increase engagement and an account’s reach. 


Many brands and influencers strive to enjoy a high engagement and reach; therefore, they often go for the option of buying instagram followers. This way, they could maintain the credibility of the account and also enjoy the benefits such as an increased customer base and achieving new leads. 


Although their fear of getting scammed remains evident, when they avail services from service providers like Social Zinger, they enjoy its benefits happily and keep returning for more. Their instagram followers packages include followers increments of 50,100, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, and 10000, available at affordable pricing. 


Hence, if you are looking for better ways to increase engagement on your instagram account, you should buy Instagram followers from reputed and authentic service providers like Social Zinger.

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