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Can I buy 10,000 followers on Instagram?

You can easily buy 10000 Instagram followers from verified social media marketing service providers like Social Zinger, focusing on quality audiences who can drive engagement to your profile. But here’s a point to note: when buying followers, always ensure you’re receiving active accounts. Buying fake followers may increase your follower count, but it will not be productive for you if you want organic growth in the long run. 

What happens when you get 10,000 followers on Instagram?

When your Instagram account reaches 10k followers, you come under IG’s spotlight, which can be truly rewarding. Your profile is deemed highly desirable in content once your account touches the 10k follower mark. That means IG will feature your content on more random user feeds, hoping to generate more activity on your account. In fact, viewers visiting your profile will notice your high follower count and will be more interested in the type of content you post. In the long run, this can help you grow your social presence organically. 

Will other Instagram users know that I bought followers?

Generally speaking, users don’t have the means to check where and how their follower count is growing. They will only be able to see the follower growth and the follower accounts associated with your profile. This gives you an added advantage. Additionally, verified sites like Social Zinger emphasize real and active instagram followers that can interact with your page’s content. This gives your instagram account a natural feel. Rest assured, you can buy 10k followers on instagram without users knowing. 


Can increasing Instagram followers help me earn money?

It’s important to note that Instagram does not pay its users directly. However, an IG account with more than 1000 followers can make up to $1420 monthly with up to $100 in sponsored posts. If you buy 10000 instagram followers, you can also push your profile to prominence, which will help you land better sponsor deals and affiliates and indirectly help you monetize your account. 

How much will buying 10,000 followers on Instagram cost me?

Thanks to noteworthy sites like Social Zinger, you can now buy 10k instagram followers cheaply. Social Zinger’s affordable plans allow you to buy 10k instagram followers at just $99.99, making this one of the most affordable follower-buying plans online. However, if you have other social goals or are new to Instagram, we recommend checking out Social Zinger’s other low-volume follower plans that start at just $1.99 for 50 followers or 5000 IG followers for just $69.99

Is buying 10k Instagram followers safe?

It’s entirely safe to buy 10,000 instagram followers. In fact, this is one of the fastest ways to improve your social score without waiting for the time-taking traditional methods. However, low-quality followers may end up damaging your social growth progress significantly. Make sure to avoid fake or shell accounts when purchasing Instagram followers.  

Is there a benefit to buying 10k Instagram followers?

If you’re serious about instantly making your insta-dreams come true, buying 10k instagram followers cheaply can help you reach your social goals fast. Here’s what can happen once you reach your 10000 follower milestone. 


  • You’ll start noticing a massive spike in your account traffic. This is major because we are sending premium-quality viewers your way. Increased account activity and follower count will result in high visibility too. 

  • You can jumpstart your social media growth with a solid boost in your account, giving you the confidence to branch out further and connect with influential accounts, brands, and people who can help you concrete your social foundation. 

  • An increased follower count can also help Instagram understand the importance of your account better, and before you know it, IG is indirectly promoting your account to other users. More authentic followers means more views and likes to your posts. However, other services, like buying instagram views, will help instantly boost your growth plan.

Is buying Instagram followers against IG policies?

You can buy 10k ig followers without breaking IG policies, provided you only engage with real instagram followers who can actually contribute to your account’s growth. Instagram’s policies underline not using fake or bot-generated audiences to drive profile engagement. Real audiences won’t trigger the IG algorithm.


You can read more about instagram guidelines here.

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Buy Instagram Followers FAQs

Yes. If your social goals involve growing fast and growing with a huge backing of high quality instagram followers engaging in your profile, you would need many followers to join your profile. Now this can be done in 2 ways. 

You can try the conventional method, where you organically grow your account through diligent networking and trending content, or you can buy 10k active instagram followers from a reliable service provider and grow your account instantly. 

You can buy instagram followers without getting your account banned. The key is to make sure your account growth feels and looks natural. For instance, if you’re buying 10k instagram followers, mix up your engagement by adding instagram likes, views, and comments to your account too. This will neutralize your profile activity. Another thing to consider is using actual and active followers to avoid coming under Instagram’s inspection. 

You would need at least 10k followers on Instagram to earn $1000 on a monthly basis. Instagram never deals in monetary transactions directly, but it does allow multiple networking and collaboration opportunities for you to turn your passion into a rewarding income. However, keeping your content quality trendy and persistent plays a huge role in bagging big deals. 

No. Buying Instagram followers is completely legal and safe, but there are a few factors that you need to keep an eye out for. For example, using the right hashtags and marketing strategies to support your account growth. If you’re buying a massive number of followers, ensure that they are organic followers.

The chances of your paid followers dropping is very low, this only happens with bot followers. If you notice your follower count falling within 14 days of your purchase, you can ask your service provider to refill your follower count again. However, this is a rare scenario since verified sites like Social Zinger focus on authenticity. That means all our followers and engagements will be real, productive, and highly premiered, boosting organic accounts over time. 

Yes. When you buy 10,000 instagram followers, an increase in your account activity will allow Instagram to highlight your profile in front of your target audiences. Moreover, the followers added to your account will further interact with your content, pushing its visibility. All these factors may help naturally move your profile to prominence. 

Social Zinger gets to work as soon as we receive your order. You can expect small volume orders to reach you within minutes of your purchase. However, to verify the accuracy and quality of followers, high-volume orders may take up a few more minutes. Either way, Social Zinger delivers results super fast. 

Social Zinger will never ask for sensitive information like your account password. We only need your email address to send you the payment receipt and your username to direct our high quality followers to your page. 

This depends on how much you aim to earn. Usually, you can monetize your IG account indirectly with an increase in follower count. More genuine instagram followers would equal more exposure. However, it is essential to know that IG doesn’t directly pay users for their contributions. You must work around landing sponsored deals and collaborations to earn from IG. 

There are no negative effects associated with buying followers. You can easily buy 10k instagram followers and grow your social proof. However, ensure you’re only engaging with real followers who can interact with your profile and add productive value to your page. 

This will solely depend on what your social goals are. If you already have a thriving account and want more engagement and credibility, you can buy 10k followers on instagram and reach your social milestone. If you feel like purchasing followers aren’t enough, we recommend connecting with one of our customer support representatives to discuss the possibility of custom orders. 

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