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What Are Pinterest Followers?

Did you know? Depending on your followers on Pinterest, you can make anywhere from $50 to $500,000 on the platform.


Are you a content creator, blogger, small business, or a brand looking to expand your visibility and popularity on Pinterest? You’re in the right place. Social Zinger is the best site to buy real Pinterest followers. But first, let us understand the specifics of Pinterest.


What are Pinterest Followers?

Pinterest is a well-known platform where you can find ideas and inspiration through visuals. Pinterest followers are those people who have followed your account or any of the boards you’ve created. The number of followers decides the volume of repins, likes, comments, and shares you get. 


This, in turn, determines how many people would be aware of your product, service, or content. It also decides how much money you can make on the platform from sales. You can buy Pinterest followers from Social Zinger to begin your journey on the platform.


What are the Post Types on Pinterest?

Content on Pinterest is usually called ‘pins’ to go with the platform theme. Here are the different types of posts you can expect your followers to interact with-


  • Static Pins- These are post types that are made of a single image. Your followers can pin it and refer back to it later.


  • Video Pins- These pins feature a single video based on the theme of a particular board. These are among the most popular content categories on the platform.


  • Rich Pins- These are info-loaded pins that can synchronize information from your eCommerce site or blog effortlessly.


  • Idea Pins- If you want to upload multiple images or a selection of videos to a single pin, you can use this post type.


You will need to create a combination of the above pins in your content category to attract new followers and keep existing ones. Hence, understanding different pins is crucial to becoming a Pinterest bigshot.


How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Pinterest?

Getting your first 1,000 followers on Pinterest involves creating original content, posting more idea pins, adding text to your idea pins, concentrating on a certain audience, and adding meaningful topic tags to enhance your video reach.


You must also stick to a posting schedule so your followers know how often they can expect fresh pins from your account.


However, doing this organically will take at least 5 to 6 months to reach your first thousand. Instead, you can buy 1,000 Pinterest followers and use this content strategy to enhance your image on the platform. 


So, understand the post types of the platform, use a solid content strategy, and buy Pinterest followers to pave the way for being super successful on the platform!

Why Should You Buy Pinterest Followers?

You should buy Pinterest followers because they are a permanent investment to increase the attraction and appeal of your profile. It is a cost-effective growth strategy to help you earn easy money through the platform. Here are some benefits to expect when you buy followers on Pinterest-

  • Get More Engagement

Engagement is the lifeblood of any Pinterest account or board. Having more Pinterest followers means you have a higher chance of getting more repins, likes, reactions, and even direct messages. If you want more sponsorships and promotions, your Pinterest account must look popular.

  • Improve Your Authority

You can buy real Pinterest followers to build authority on your profile. The more followers a board or a profile has, the more authoritative and believable it looks. That’s why every pin you put out will carry more weight, and people who still don’t follow you will become intrigued to check out your pins and content.

  • Increase Your Followers

When you buy Pinterest board followers, you maximize your chances of attracting even more prospective followers. It is much easier to convince people to follow you when you already look established and famous on the platform. Thus, you can gain more followers organically and increase your platform’s popularity even more.

  • Promote Your Pins

Visibility is a crucial consideration when you want to maximize your platform presence. More people will naturally see your pins when you have more followers. They might even share it with others, leading to more attention to your pins, such as comments and likes. This kind of visibility can easily push your content above the competition.

  • Get More Traffic

Pinterest is among the best social media platforms to increase traffic to your eCommerce website or personal blog. You can post pins with images from our site or blog and redirect your followers to increase traffic. When you buy followers on Pinterest, you make an invaluable investment to drive the increased inflow to your site. 

  • Earn More Money

Influencers have been using Pinterest to sell products and services for decades. If that’s your aim behind driving your presence on the platform, then you need all the followers you can get. You can get more deals for affiliate marketing and sell directly and indirectly through the platform. This means a bigger revenue might be waiting for you.

How to buy Pinterest followers from SocialZinger?

Buying followers should not take you more than a day. That’s why we’ve optimized the process to 3 simple and short steps. Here’s how you can buy real Pinterest followers from Social Zinger-


Step 1: Choose the Package- First, you’ll need to specify how many followers you want to buy. For example, if you are looking to buy 1,000 Pinterest followers, you’ll need to select the relevant package. Choose the plan as per your requirements from the top of the page.


Step 2: Give Your Pinterest Link- We don’t ask you for your password. You just have to give us your Pinterest business profile link. For this, make sure you have a business profile on the platform. 


You can create a linked business account via your personal account for free. Just click on ‘Add account’ to your personal account and choose ‘Create a Free Business Account.’


Next, copy the link to your business account from the address bar of the browser. Paste it in the empty text field below the selected package in step 1. Now click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.


Step 3: Complete Your Purchase- Our website will redirect you to the payments page. Just provide your billing address and enter your credit card details here. Once you’ve double-checked the details, click on the ‘Place Order’ button.


Wait for a few minutes for our gateway to process your order, and that’s it! Our team will get to work and start delivering your authentic followers immediately. The whole process should take up to 24 hours.


Want targeted followers for your Pinterest account? Social Zinger can make that possible. Contact our support team and let us know the specifics of your request. Our team will do its best to get you the type of followers most relevant to your requirements.

Is it safe to buy Pinterest followers for my Pinterest account?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy Pinterest followers for your account. In fact, many brands and influencers use this effective but lesser-known strategy of buying Pinterest followers to increase the visibility of their boards and the popularity of their content. 

  • Safe from Pinterest Algorithm

Many people hesitate to buy Pinterest followers because they worry about getting banned or suspended by the Pinterest algorithm. However, this is just an apprehension. As long as your followers are real and validated accounts, you can buy Pinterest board followers without any worries.


The algorithm only bans or suspends accounts of those who buy fake or bot followers in large quantities. If you have bought legit followers in consistent quantities, the platform will not suspend your account. 


Social Zinger is the best place to buy real Pinterest followers to safeguard your account or board, as it functions well within the guidelines and norms set by the platform.

  • Safe from Legal Review

There are no legal restrictions to worry about when you buy followers on Pinterest. This practice is not against the law. 


In fact, thousands of brands and influencers across the world have been using this strategy to gain the required traction on the platform.


However, ensure that you choose a legit brand like Social Zinger to buy Pinterest followers. People buy Instagram followers and services for other social media platforms from us all the time without any problems.

  • No Password Required

You can buy followers on Pinterest without worrying about the security of your account credentials. Reputed solution providers for social media services like Social Zinger use state-of-the-art encryption and do not ask for passwords.


If you have a business account, then you can simply give us its link and buy real Pinterest followers in no time.  That’s why people prefer to buy YouTube subscribers,  Pinterest followers, and more from us. 


This way, the integrity of your account or board remains intact, and you get 100% legit followers safely!

Why Should You Choose SocialZinger to Buy Pinterest Followers?

At Social Zinger, we’ve been helping people become popular on Pinterest. People buy TikTok followers, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, etc., from us because they trust the value we provide for their money. Here are the many reasons why you should choose Social Zinger to buy Pinterest followers-


  • Different Categories of Followers

Want followers for your Pinterest account and board? You can do so at Social Zinger. We help you buy Pinterest board followers along with your account. So, you can get different types of Pinterest followers right from our platform. This will help you get the most relevant followers as per your requirements.


  • High-Quality Followers

Unlike other social media marketing agencies that may deliver fake, inactive, or even bot followers, Social Zinger makes a difference by offering real and active followers sourced from authentic and longtime members of the Pinterest community.


  • Secure & Trusted Service

Social Zinger has a strong privacy policy, which means we are committed to keeping your personal and financial information secure. We use top-of-the-line SSL encryption technology for our payment gateway and do not ask for any sensitive information, such as your password.


  • Instant Delivery

We understand that everyone has different requirements regarding when they need followers for their campaign. That’s why our team starts delivering followers instantly and realistically once your payment goes through. Other platforms might take up to 4 to 5 days to deliver followers.


  • Dedicated Customer Support

Social Zinger is proud of the quality of customer service we provide to our customers throughout the process. We are available at your assistance 24/7 with dedicated ‘pre-sales’ and ‘after-sales’ support teams. If you’re short on time, you can also reach out to us through the ‘live chat’ feature on our website. 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is the topmost priority for us at Social Zinger. That’s why we provide a 14-day guarantee on our services. If you’re unsatisfied with your followers and can’t seem to get the issue resolved even after contacting our team, we will give you your money back. However, we do recommend you give your followers time and keep posting to keep them engaged.

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Ask Away!

Buy Instagram Followers FAQs

Yes, you can easily buy followers on Pinterest from Social Zinger. Building an organic follower base on the platform will take a lot of time and effort. We can get you 100% real followers on your Pinterest account instantly. Just choose how many followers you want, give us your profile link, and make the payment. Our team will handle the rest.

Getting 1,000 followers on Pinterest can be a huge challenge, especially if you’re new to the platform. However, there is a strategy that can let you maximize your platform presence quickly- You can buy 1,000 Pinterest followers. Combine that with a decent content schedule, and you can attract more new followers to your board.

The cost you pay to buy Pinterest followers completely depends on the number of followers you decide to purchase and the company you choose. Social Zinger offers the most value for your money. For example, if you buy 100 Pinterest followers from us, it will just cost you $11.88 . You can purchase up to 10000 followers for your board from Social Zinger.

You can build a huge following on Pinterest by creating original content on the platform, adding text to your idea pins, focusing on a specific niche, and including relevant tags to enhance the reach of your content. However, this might take you a considerable amount of time. You can also buy 10K followers on Pinterest from Social Zinger to fast-track the process.

No, it’s not against the law to promote your board or accounts through paid followers to receive more engagement. Social Zinger has gained its reputation as one of the best social media marketing agencies because of its commitment to legal and platform guidelines. Thus, you can easily buy real Pinterest followers from us without any worries.

Absolutely. There are various ways you can make $1,000 or more per month through Pinterest. You can redirect your followers to your eCommerce site or even contact brands for a joint promotion. Many Pinterest creators earn money via affiliate marketing. However, having a substantial following is crucial to make money on Pinterest.

The delivery time of your followers depends on the digital agency you choose. We understand that you might have an urgent requirement of followers for your campaign. Thus, when you buy Pinterest followers from Social Zinger, our team gets to work immediately and ensures that you receive your total followers within 24 hours.

Return & Refund Policy

Once our services are provided and completed, we cannot entertain any requests for chargebacks or returns. This policy is in place to safeguard against potential fraudulent activities and to ensure that our hardworking team receives fair compensation for their efforts.
We understand that situations may arise, and we encourage open communication. If you encounter any issues with our services, please reach out to our customer support team promptly. We are committed to addressing any concerns and finding an amicable resolution.