Enhance 10X Your Business On Social Media

This Black Friday Enhance 10X Your Business On Social Media

Black Friday is just another treasure hunt you need to provide your customers, and what better way than to connect with them digitally. A day that denotes the commencement of Christmas needs to deliver festive vibes, so you need to plan out strategically. 

Customers usually flood offline stores, but with technological advancement, social media platforms are becoming the new shopping space. This golden opportunity needs one to prepare campaigns carefully so that they can get the best out of them. Irrespective of whether your campaign would be month-long or just for a day, one needs to plan accordingly. 

Therefore, we have prepared this guide that delivers strategies to enhance your sales 10x through social media. Read on to uncover the strategies and tactics that would leave an impact on your audiences and drive major sales! 

Setting your Black Friday social media strategy

Before disclosing the sales-driving tactics, it is important to understand how one should plan out their social media strategies. The steps that one would require in order to curate a successful social media strategy are: 

Plan out, strategically

Black Friday isn’t just another holiday rather is the gateway to the holiday season. One needs to understand how to turn this holiday spirit into a golden opportunity and drive in huge sales. Therefore, many brands often plan out months in advance, giving them the time required to plan out social media strategies. 

This orchestrated move often helps them to foresee any hurdles or obstacles that could happen at the time of occasion. The planning could easily include deciding the promotional timelines, logistics, and marketing techniques to deliver an impactful and impressive shopping experience. 

Conduct in-depth audit

Auditing your previous work would help you clear out the fog on what worked before and what didn’t. Apart from reviewing your previous actions, it is also important to look out for competitors. Checking out their promotional tactics could help you understand the market better and deliver the one technique that would work. 

Keep clear goals

While planning for Black Friday, everyone knows the ultimate goal is to get more sales, but what about the other goals? The plan needs to cover every other goal in order to achieve the ultimate goal. 

The pivotal goal would circulate around other goals like what percentage of growth is being aimed, what products or services are being targeted, what budget one wants, and what would be the return on investment one should expect. Giving attention to these concerns would pave an easier and more comfortable path for one to commence a campaign. 

Amongst all these goals, one also has to pay attention to the incrementality of these campaigns. To clear out the fog, incrementality refers to the growth that can be seen after implying certain marketing strategies and tactics apart from the already existing equity. 

Prepare your content calendar 

Content calendars are the true compasses for marketers and social media experts. Preparing them in advance helps one find a customized, clean, and impactful calendar to follow the whole year. This also works as an addition for preparing content in advance and planning campaigns with much ease. 

Apart from all the comfort and step-ahead planning, it also helps marketers customize their content according to the trend. 

Careful budget allocation

Once you plan a campaign, taking care of the budget is essential. While creative content is evident and crucial, budget allocation is also important. Budget is such a concept that brands keep a keen eye on, and it helps them plan out how much is required for organic growth and for paid growth. 

Running ads is one of the basic and essential places the budget is utilized. Many social media marketers often deal with platforms that offer operating ads for certain products or services. Such platforms include Meta AD Manager, which allows users to run customized ads on mediums like Facebook and Instagram. 

Curate Channel-specific Offers

When one creates channel-specific offers, they move towards a game-changer path. Here are a few examples and methods for you to try this Black Friday:

Instagram Growth

Instagram is one such social media platform that is used more than others. Promoting one’s brands and services on this platform through its shoppable feature would help one get much more engagement and reach. 

The best way to exploit this feature is to present the deals in creative and intriguing posts. As eye-pleasing as it could, the more reach and engagement it would get. The posts should always lead the customer to the product page making shopping through Instagram a hassle-free experience. 

While it simplifies the shopping experience, it also helps brands and business accounts reach more and increase Instagram followers.  

Example: Ms.Smith says, ‘Before Black Friday, my account showed just 77k followers, but as soon as I availed Social Zinger’s services, I saw my follower count reach 106K. Their services are budget friendly and absolutely best as per my requirement. Highly recommended!” 

Facebook Growth

Facebook is another social media platform banger that brings in all the required attention. Launched with the motive of connecting people, it has gradually become a safe space for marketing products. 

Being a top choice of social media marketers, FB has its own marketplace that allows vendors to advertise their products and services. The marketplace has features like Listings, quick actions, tracking of selling activities, location, marketplace followers, and many other features. 

While many brands initially enjoy organic growth, it is the services provided by certified platforms that bring them absolute growth and power. 

Example: Mr. Daniel says, “ I listed one of my products on FB marketplace. In the beginning, it had reached just my followers, i.e., 8.5k, but after buying the Facebook followers package from Social Zinger, my follower count reached 91k. I would definitely buy more Facebook packages from them!”

TikTok Growth

As fast-growing as TikTok is, there is no doubt in saying that marketing on this platform is highly beneficial. In this digital age, showcasing your products in short video formats will help the customers get a better understanding of the product and service. This would help brands build a trusting audience and impactful goodwill. 

With the availability of video formats of short time would also help brands in delivering engaging call-to-action (CTAs). They could also encourage the audience to participate in their campaigns easily. 

This would help them gain more followers on TikTok and also build a friendly repo with its audiences. 

Example: Ms. Ashley says, “ My earrings business was not getting the reach it wanted on TikTok. Despite my efforts, it would only reach 62.2K. But then I learned about Social Zinger’s Tiktok followers package, and now my videos have reached at least 109K!”

YouTube Growth

YouTube is a prominent social media channel that properly acts as a marketplace. The platform offers the best choice for smaller businesses and budding entrepreneurs to sell their ideas in a hassle-free way. 

Many brands have opted to advertise their products and services on this medium to get the right audience without much longing. You might be sitting in Australia, and while scrolling YouTube, you would see an advertisement about a service that’s beneficial for you. The service provider could be in the United States. 

Example: Mr. Luke described his experience as “ YouTube became a perfect marketplace for my t-shirt printing business. When I started making customized t-shirts, I would not reach any audience, but after learning about Social Zinger’s YouTube package, I now have a subscriber base of 17.9K.”

Collaborate with social media influencers

Collaborating with influencers is another quick way to get guaranteed sales during Black Friday. Influencers have given a pause to traditional forms of advertising, and nothing is stopping them from moving forward. 

Brands often go forward with their decision to collaborate with influencers who create content advertising for the brand’s benefit. Their content could include promotional tactics such as mentioning the brand’s name, casually showing any brand’s products, or even specifically targeting and promoting a certain product. 

This method helps draw more audiences and increase engagement. With promised returns during the festive and holiday seasons, many creators have influenced the market with this method. 

For collaborating with such influencers, many brands often offer incentives. Their offers could be in kind or monetary. 

While this method is assuring, another method of promoting sales during Black Friday is to collaborate with other brands. Creating content with brands that complement each other’s products and services creates a win-win situation and helps get the reach and engagement they are targeting. 

Analyze performance data early 

Data is definitely an important part of any campaign journey, and analyzing it early on is crucial. To enhance your sales 10X on Black Friday, it would be better to study the data at an early stage. Without doing so, it would be similar to driving blindly or deciding on things with no real outcome. Here are some key metrics that one should take care of while planning a campaign strategically: 

Engagement metrics

Once a campaign is live, it is essential to keep track of the engagement metrics. How many likes, shares, comments, and clicks have been made needs to be tracked. If one is getting a certain amount of likes, how many of them are turning into leads is something marketers often look for. 

After such severe considerations, they make the required changes in the campaign strategies. 

Conversion tracking

To keep track of how many actual conversions were made, many marketers use tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. They set up this at the initial stage and track every movement during the whole campaign. 

Audience Insights

By rigorously analyzing one’s audiences, their insights bring them their preferences and trends. This helps the campaign perform better and even gives insightful results. 

Final Thoughts

Black Friday is not just about deals and sales, it is also about being festive and jolly. While the rand will focus on the sales, they should also focus on the vibes. Their campaigns might be targeted to perform exceptionally well in the retail department, but they should also build a connection and resonate with their audiences. 

With strong CTAs, customized messages, trendy videos, and many other things to try on social media, it is also essential to figure out which platforms would be the perfect medium for the desired campaigns. With the right amount of followers on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and others, one could achieve the best results in this retail-based battlefield.

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