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YouTube Statistics To Power Your Marketing Strategy In 2024

YouTube, the second-largest social media platform, is popular due to its simple and easy interface. This allows the content creators and users to access videos without much hassle. Exploring YouTube statistics is fun and interesting as it unfolds so much information that it would surely encourage you to learn more about this social media platform. 


While uncovering youtube statistics, it came into the limelight that with approximately 2.7 billion people accessing this social media platform, YouTube is a search engine that helps content creators reach large and global audiences. The content could range from makeup tutorials to food reviews, and it would still gain attention from the target audience for YouTube. 


If this fact has surprised you, you would be astonished to know what more about this social media medium offers. Read on to learn more about it! 


What is YouTube?


If defined in layman’s terms, YouTube is a social media platform wherein people can create videos or simply view content uploaded by others. This way, they can easily connect with their target audience for YouTube and gain subscribers on their channel or be on the other side of the coin and enjoy content uploaded by fellow content creators. 


YouTube was designed and launched in 2005, and not much later, it became the second-largest search engine, following close to Google. With a billion active users here, this medium has become a safe space to share content, regardless of genre. One thing that became prominent after the release of this social media platform was that many female YouTubers have started ruling this medium as they easily express their talent through the video format. 


YouTube Data And Channel Statistics


Although YouTube has many general statistics associated with it, but there are a few stats that you need to know more about regarding your channel. If you happen to have a brand-dedicated channel on YouTube or are trying to make a presence on this social media platform, then this section is for you. 


Since you have already explored the tools of YouTube, it is important to understand the ‘YouTube analytics’ tool. This can be accessed by clicking on your profile picture and selecting ‘YouTube studio’. As the site page loads, you will notice the ‘Analytics’ section on the left-hand panel to study your YouTube performance. 


While these steps are circling the tool, there is one specific that would deliver the report for your channel. ‘Channel Overview Report’ is the perfect tool that provides one with the health of the channel and to support it, they have a feature wherein the growth or decline is shown through a graph. Click on this section to get the best details about your channel. 


YouTube Users Statistics


While YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms, its statistics regarding users are significantly visible. With the global audience enjoying content available on this social media medium, it has also become the second most popular search engine. Here are a few more statistics regarding youtube user demographics to impress you! 


  1. Approximately over 2 billion active YouTube users are present as of now. 
  2. YouTube, the social media platform, exists in more than 100 countries.
  3. The most popular languages used on YouTube are English and Spanish.
  4. India has the largest number of active users, followed closely by the United States and Brazil.
  5. YouTube’s rapidly growing demographics are dominated by Generation X and Baby Boomers. 
  6. 15-35 years is the age group that uses YouTube the most. 
  7. YouTube’s reach is signified by its reach, and with YouTube’s target audience being 18-49 years old, it is high compared to any broadcast or network TV station.  
  8. Approximately 90% of YouTube users have said that they have come across any new brand or product through this social media platform. 


Advertising on YouTube


Advertising on YouTube has always brought in 2x returns to the content creators. They prefer this social media channel because showcasing their products or brand’s USP is easy while curating a stronger bond with their audience. If you want to unfold what more advertising on YouTube can bring, read on! 


  1. Q4 of 2021 was evidently good for YouTube as it generated 7.9 billion through ads.
  2. Paid ads on YouTube grab 84% more attention of consumers than regular television advertisements. 
  3. If your ad runs in a portrait mode, it would result in increased conversions per dollar.
  4. 10% of social media marketers prefer YouTube as the perfect medium to advertise.
  5. 84% of consumers made a purchase after discovering a brand on YouTube.
  6. Consumers pay attention to YouTube ads 1.8 times higher in comparison to other social media platforms.
  7. As for 2023, YouTube has generated $14.358 billion through advertisements, which shows the drastic growth through YouTube ads since 2021. 


YouTube Organic Search Statistics


Being a social media platform and a search engine, YouTube has its own algorithm, which helps the content reach its target audience easily. This way, content creators curate their work in such a manner that their audiences can easily find and connect with it. Organic search works on this algorithm and helps the content develop as per the requirements of the users. Here are a few more facts to entice you: 


  1. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, following close to Google. 
  2. Twice as popular as Bing, YouTube is ranking high in the list. 
  3. The most-watched genre on YouTube is comedy.
  4. The top 5 global searches on YouTube are “BTS,” “Pewdiepie,” “ASMR,” “Billie Eilish,” and “Baby Shark.” 
  5. With 50 billion views in February 2023, YouTube Shorts became a prominent feature of this social media platform.


YouTube Usage Statistics


As a social media platform, YouTube has an involved audience from across the globe. With nearly a billion active users of YouTube, this social media platform has noted that consumers use 1 billion hours of usage. To enjoy more such facts about YouTube, read on: 


  1. As per reports, an average user spends approximately 20 minutes and 23 seconds on this social media platform.
  2. Approximately more than 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute.
  3. Roughly 1 billion hours of video is consumed on YouTube every day.
  4. As reported, average active users of YouTube stream 694,000 hours every minute.
  5. With the facility of connecting devices, more than 50% of YouTube users stream the platform through their television sets. 
  6. All time most watched video on YouTube is ‘Baby Shark’ uploaded by Pinkfong.


YouTube Growth Statistics


Launched as a dating site, YouTube transitioned into a video-sharing juggernaut, signifying its impeccable growth with the evolvement of its subscribers. With results such as global reach, this social media platform has become a top choice for content creators and social media marketers to utilize its potential. Let us have a look at this 18-year-long journey of this social media platform: 


  1. As per records, the first video that was uploaded on YouTube was titled ‘Me at Zoo’ which featured one of the founders of this social media platform.
  2. The video as mentioned above, earned 221 million views, making it one of the most viewed videos of all time. 
  3. YouTube was launched as a separate website but was acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. 
  4. The acquisition bought YouTube the idea to roll out YouTube ads in August 2007. This feature came just 10 months after Google’s acquisition. 
  5. YouTube is available in more than 100 countries and in 80 languages, making it easy for users to access this social media platform.
  6. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and the second-largest search engine in the world.
  7. Adding a new chapter to its growth story, YouTube launched YouTube Premium in 2018. It was the rebranding of YouTube Red. 


YouTube Users By Country


Being the second most visited website in the world, YouTube is the go-to app in many countries. Its availability in more than 100 countries has always brought in more engagement and reach that would increase sales and revenues. Let’s find out what the latest data shows:


  1. Securing the top spot on the list of active YouTube users is India with 467 million users. 
  2. Following closely, the United States of America has almost 267 million active YouTube users.
  3. With 142 million active users of YouTube, Brazil secures the third rank on this list.
  4. Following very close to Brazil, Indonesia has 139 million active YouTube users. 
  5. Mexico, Japan, and Pakistan have 81.8 million, 78.4 million, and 71.7 million active YouTube users as of 2023, respectively.


YouTube Marketing Statistics


Social media marketers have always chosen YouTube as a medium to market brands and products. This is due to the maximum reach and engagement from a global audience at a minimum cost. Let’s look at what YouTube marketing statistics look like: 


  1. 90% of users across the globe turn to YouTube for brand understanding, as it is the perfect platform to showcase a brand’s USP.
  2. 70% of social media marketers use YouTube as a medium to initiate influencer marketing strategies. 
  3. For B2B content marketing, 59% of marketers use YouTube to enjoy high engagement and reach. 
  4. Marketers are using webinars as the perfect content to convert B2B leads; this type of content is considered high-performing on YouTube. 
  5. To fully utilize YouTube Live it would take time, as only 24% of marketers are executing YouTube marketing strategies. 
  6. To gain an audience through video content, only 24% of social media marketers are creating YouTube marketing strategies. 
  7. Becoming a safe space for shoppers, 90% of active YouTube users are often surfing this social media platform to discover new products or services. 


YouTube Usage Statistics


With a simple interface and videos regarding each genre, YouTube usage has been growing since it was launched. YouTube Usage Statistics cover facts like how many active YouTube users are present or how much time an average user spends on this social media platform. To uncover more facts, read on: 


  1. YouTube has more than 2.56 billion active users from across the globe who are accessing this social media platform each day. 
  2. Being a mobile application and second-largest search engine, YouTube has more than 1 TCR+ downloads on Android phones. 
  3. With the availability of this application on mobiles, it is recorded that around 87.7% of views come from mobile devices. 
  4. More than 450 million hours of content is viewed through television sets, as reported by YouTube. 
  5. Utilizing social media to an extent, it is reported that 53.9% of global viewers are male, whereas 46.1% are females. 
  6. YouTube is dominated by female YouTubers and influencers, while male influencers are still making a mark on this social media platform. 
  7. The maximum users of YouTube fall under the age group of 25-34 as they tend to surf more. 
  8. Amongst the users of YouTube present in the United States, 62% access it daily. 


YouTube Shorts Statistics


YouTube Shorts is a feature introduced on similar grounds to TikTok. It was initially launched in India but now has more than a billion users across the globe. Currently, with the availability of YouTube in more than 100 countries, it has become an easy way to gain audiences on YouTube Shorts, too. Here are more facts that will leave you intrigued to know more about this feature: 


  1. YouTube shorts, the feature that was introduced similar to Tiktok, has more than 1.5 billion active users monthly. 
  2. Upon its launch in India, the feature had a video time limit of 15 seconds, but as it was introduced to other nations like the United States, its time limit was increased and set at 60 seconds.
  3. As per records, more than 72% of YouTube shorts are more than the length of 15 seconds. 
  4. As per records, approximately 25% of YouTube Shorts content is generated from India, while the United States recorded 23.4%.
  5. The growth rate of YouTube Shorts is recorded at 135% which is variable to change and increase with each passing year. 


YouTube Channel Statistics


YouTube channels are considered the best way to let the user know and understand the kind of content it has. With the availability of YouTube in more than 100 countries, it has made it easy and simple for content creators of each genre to come forward and gain an audience from anywhere in the world. Since there is more engagement, there is also more available content and YouTube channels. Here are a few interesting facts that will keep you intrigued: 


  1. 2023 recorded more than 51 million channels on YouTube that have been entertaining their respective audiences. 
  2. With more than 217 million subscribers, T-Series, a music record label in India, is the most subscribed channel on YouTube
  3. Since earning from YouTube has become a trend, the number of YouTube channels earning more than $10,000 per year has surged by 40%.
  4. YouTube has become a prominent influencer marketing channel, and more than 70% of social media marketers execute their influencer marketing strategies through this platform. 
  5. Apart from T-Series, the YouTube channels with more than 200 million subscribers are- YouTube Movies, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes, SET India, and Music.
  6. SET India is the most subscribed entertainment channel, with 133 million subscribers. 
  7. In the music category, BLACKPINK, the K-pop girl group, has over 74.2 million subscribers. 
  8. Having created an entertaining YouTube channel, Mr. Beast is the most subscribed individual on this social media platform. 


Final Take: YouTube Statistics


YouTube is a video-sharing platform wherein content creators can easily connect with their audiences. Utilizing the power of this medium is necessary; thus, this guide to YouTube statistics to power your marketing strategy in 2024 will come in handy. Covering every possible aspect of this social media giant, this guide will prove to be a roadmap for markets as well as content creators.

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