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Top 20 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels [Around the World]

Redefining watching videos, YouTube has marked its position as one of the prominent entertainment channels in the social media industry. With every other person surfing this platform, YouTube is home to over a billion videos.

These videos are nothing short of magic as they bring the creativity of the content creator and connect with the audience easily. 

With over 122 billion views on average, YouTube has become a safe space for content creators to showcase their talent easily. With ever-growing technological advancements, some famous YouTubers have made a name for themselves in the industry. 


While they manage to entertain their audiences in their own and unique way, they have also created a list of top YouTube channels. Hence, we worked hard and curated a similar list for you! Read on to know more about it. 

List of 20 Most-subscribed YouTube Channels

After rigorous research, we have finally found out the most popular youtube channels that would bring you joy, entertainment, knowledge, and much more. Find out more about it from the table below:











Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes



SET India



Kids Diana Show






Like Nastya



Vlad and Niki



Zee Music Company



Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Song



The table above focuses on youtube channels with most views and subscribers who have refined the way of watching videos while mastering the art of entertaining audiences. While there are no shortcuts to success, some YouTubers might be enjoying organic subscribers’ growth, while some would have relied on their trust in service platforms. Read on to know more!

Top 20 most subscribed YouTube channels in the world

1. T-Series


Despite being a Hindi music and music record label channel, T-Series has set records for being the most subscribed YouTube channel ever. This India-based company has achieved much fame and name in India, but for Westerners, it came into the limelight after a competition. 


T-Series had a growing YouTube channel, but when PewDiePie challenged them to become the most subscribed channel in the world, they won it. Apart from this title, they have also secured many other titles, making it difficult for the latter to achieve. 

The content on this channel includes movie trailers, songs, and film clips, all of which are a part of T-series creative output. 


2. MrBeast


MrBeast or Jimmy Donaldson, is an American YouTuber who has turned the world of social media into a major source of income through creating content. He became the most subscribed YouTuber when his videos started gaining attention. His videos mainly focus on giveaways, charity, and fundraising, amongst other things. 


He was just 13 years old when he started his YouTube channel and mainly uploaded videos where he was conducting gaming commentaries. Eventually, he extended his niche and now has gained fame for being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. 


3. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes


Cocomelon is one such YouTube channel whose videos are definitely played in every other home. Directed towards producing nursery rhymes and children-centric videos, their animations and simpler versions of rhymes have brought them the fame they wanted. 

With over 168 million subscribers, this channel became the most viewed channel on YouTube with a global audience. Their videos include bright colors, catchy songs, and a unique way to educate children. 


4. SET India


Joining the race with T-Series, SET India is a famous Indian entertainment channel that focuses on developing and showcasing television series for its audiences. SET stands for Sony Entertainment Television and is a popular television channel with high-grossing television series in India. Although this channel has the name of SET India, but Sony Pictures owns it. 

The channel has a collection of videos focusing on snippets from television series, background songs, teasers, and even complete episodes. SET India is definitely one of this country’s most watched youtube channels, with a massive 165 million subscribers on 122K video uploads. 

5. Kids Diana Show

Unlocking the way to connect with its right audience, Kids Diana Show is one of the most viewed children’s entertainment YouTube channels. With over 116 million subscribers, this channel focuses on creating content involving 7-year-old Diana and her brother Roma in playful and entertaining activities. 

Securing a position in the list of top youtube channels, this channel has successfully associated itself with children with its correct editing technique and content ideation. The uploaded content includes their daily life activities, toy unboxing, challenges, and many more creative videos. 

6. PewDiePie

PewDiePie was once the top YouTuber in the world but has now fallen to sixth position on this list. With 111 million subscribers, this YouTuber has still entertained his audience with his engaging content. 

Although he is a popular name in the social media industry and people are aware of his content creation style, his channel is still a new place to discover every time. His videos range in genres like gaming, challenges, travel videos, and reactions. 

His fame has an equal share of his content creation and his rivalry with T-Series.

Their challenge has gained him a massive following of those supporting him in winning the competition, but unfortunately, he lost. Another tactic he follows to gain subscribers is that he collaborates with other YouTubers who have either have a definite number of subscribers or are growing at a good speed. 

7. Like Nastya

A channel dedicated to children’s entertainment, like Nastya, is another American-Russian channel that marks its position on the list of most viewed YouTube channels. Directed on similar lines of the Kids Diana Show, this channel also focuses on the daily life activities of Anastasia Radzinskaya. Her channel also includes videos of her unboxing toys, playing around her house, and being all cheerful. 

8. Vlad and Niki

Another children’s YouTube channel, Vlad and Niki, is all about two brothers playing together and imaginative situations. Gaining a massive following due to their cuteness, these American-Russian siblings are known to create videos of unboxing toys, playing in imaginative situations, and even dancing-singing together. 

9. Zee Music Company

Being a popular channel, Zee Music Company is an Indian music channel that produces shows how impactful Indian audiences can be on YouTube. Entertaining its audience with over 9.5K videos, its subscriber count keeps increasing. 

With approximately 102 million subscribers, this YouTube channel has a range of music videos with a collection of regional music too. 

10. WWE 

WWE is a popular name, and everyone in the world is familiar with this term. This show is about scripted ring fights, an abbreviation of World Wrestling Entertainment. This action has even made celebrities make their entrance into the industry. 

This popular YouTube channel has approximately 98.2 million subscribers and is a one-stop shop that features backstage moments, snippets from fights, and many more other entertaining events. 


One of the most popular girl K-pop groups, BLACKPINK has redefined the K-pop industry into something magical. With every song crossing a million views, their channel has approximately over 92.2 million subscribers. 

With their global audience following, the music group produces engaging music videos which they share on this official channel. Apart from their music videos, they also give glimpses into their dancing sessions, live performances, other social media snippets, event attendance, and many other things. 

12. Goldmines

Goldmines Telefilms is a film-centric YouTube channel that specializes in dubbing regional movies. With over 92.2 million subscribers, the channel has 7.2K videos. The collection includes dubbed movies, shorts from these movies, and complete movies from the South Indian movie industry. Apart from these, they also have comic videos and snippets which often entertain the audiences. 

13. Sony SAB 

An Indian television channel with the same name, Sony SAB is an entertainment channel with approximately 87.3 million subscribers. The channel showcases full episodes of television series, shorts of the same, and backstage moments. 


14. 5-Minute Crafts 

Making life easier with their videos, 5- 5-minute Crafts is one of the most entertaining YouTube channels. Their videos have helped many viewers to complete their DIYs easily and even create crafts that are nothing short of wonders. Maybe that is the reason that this channel has almost 80.4 million subscribers from around the world. 



Being the official YouTube channel of BTS, BANGTANTV is a channel with 76.9 million subscribers from across the globe. While they have swept the world with their music but, it is this YouTube channel that has gained attention for its multiple categories of videos, and it might be the reason why it has 76.9 million subscribers. 


The range includes official videos, behind-the-scenes videos, interview moments, and more engaging content. This youtube channel with most views has people surfing their content for new and entertaining time. 




HYBE LABELS is a prominent South Korean company associated with many huge names in the music industry. The official channel uploads videos within categories like  BIGHIT MUSIC, BELIFT LAB, SOURCE MUSIC, PLEDIS Entertainment, KOZ ENTERTAINMENT, ADOR and more. 


Being one of the most popular youtube channels, their videos usually have views over a billion making sure that the global audience grooves to the tunes of these musicians. 


17. Justin Bieber 


Reigning in the music industry since 2010, Justin Bieber is a musician and music composer who doesn’t need much of an introduction. Tasting fame at a young age, this music carved his way to stardom through YouTube. 


With the ever-changing dynamics, his channel is considered amongst the best youtube channels with engaging music videos. Apart from music, he also shares his vlogs which give the audiences a glimpse of his daily life, something the fans have always wanted! 


18. Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Song


Breaking records with one video, Pinkfong became a popular name across the world. After producing ‘Baby Shark,’ no one would have thought that an animated video of a nursery rhyme would cross 13 billion views in a year. 


With 71.1 million subscribers, the channel uploads educational and fun videos for children’s entertainment. This tactic brought them the attention of millions from across the globe and made them produce more versions of nursery rhymes and songs. 


19. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs


Producing content suitable for children’s entertainment, ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is a popular YouTube channel. With 68.9 million subscribers, they produce educational videos and give a new tune to the traditional nursery rhymes. 

Being one of the best youtube channels in India, they mostly upload animations that use colors that are not harmful for the development of a child’s brain.  While enjoying the massive subscriber list, they have uploaded a total of 730 engaging videos.


20. Taylor Swift


As huge as a rockstar she is, Taylor Swift enjoys a following of 55.4 million YouTube subscribers. With the regular uploading of videos circling around her singles and newly released songs, she has built herself an empire audience through various social media platforms. 


Among her 224 videos, she utilizes YouTube in the best way to reach a global audience and market her music to them. Apart from music, she also has a section dedictaed to her docu-series. Some of them she had acted in while some she has directed.

FAQ Regarding Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

What are the top 5 most subscribed YouTube channels?

Reigning one of the prominent social media platforms, here are 5 most subscribed YouTube channels:

  • T-Series (254M)
  • MrBeast (215M)
  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (168M)
  • SET India (165M)
  • Kids Diana Show (116M)


Who are the 3 biggest YouTubers?

Becoming a YouTuber is now easier than ever, and mastering this art of entertainment, here are the 3 biggest YouTubers: 

  • PewDiePie 
  • Markiplier
  • DanTDM

Who is the No.1 subscribed on YouTube?

Securing the top spot in the race to get the most subscribers on YouTube, T-Series has left behind every other channel. With 254 million subscribers on YouTube, this Hindi music channel has won the race with only 19K posts. 


What is the most viewed YouTube video ever?

Coming as a surprise, Pinkfong’s Baby Shark is the most viewed YouTube video ever. This nursery rhyme video has over 13,677,286,249 views as it was last recorded.

Final Thoughts Regarding Most Popular YouTube Channels

Even though YouTube is a social media platform, it is still considered as one of the most popular mediums to express one’s thoughts and ideology. With billions of active users, YouTube never seems boring and is home to some of the most viewed videos. Being a content creator’s haven made this social media platform the world’s most accessed social media channel.

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