Famous YouTuber in Asia

The 15 Most Famous YouTubers in Asia

Dominating YouTube in 2024, presenting you with famous Asian YouTubers who are exemplary and good at their work. They do their best to entertain the audience as it has become the best way to share ideas and thoughts. These talent houses are redefining the way to connect with audiences while delivering the sort of content they would enjoy. 


From vloggers to fashion influencers, sports enthusiasts to food vloggers, everybody is on YouTube, and they are absolutely acing their social media game. With approximately 122 billion active YouTube users, this social media platform has become the second-largest search engine after Google and the second-largest social media platform to share content for influencers. Giving its audience everything they require, YouTube also enjoys the highest engagement rate. 


Learning about the masters of YouTube is something we have to do. So, here is the list of the 15 most famous YouTubers in Asia who deliver interesting content each day. Read on to know more!


Top 15 popular Asian YouTubers


Asian YouTubers are dominating this social media platform, and listing them down is interesting. The table below helps one explore the possible YouTubers who have not only created engaging content but also utilized the social media platform to address social causes. Here’s a list of some of the popular Asian YouTubers for your reference: 


YouTube Handle Subscriber Count Post Count
Ajey Nagar  40.9M  191 
Ria Yunita  40.5M  3.4K 
Bhuvan Bam 26.4M  191
Ryan Higa 21M  403 
Cassey Ho 9.3M 1.2K 
Gaurav Chaudhary 5.13M 211 
TingTing ASMR 2.41M  697 


The above table mentions some of the best Asian YouTubers delivering this year’s best content. Their videos are created with the notion that they answer the queries of their audiences’. To learn more about them, read ahead! 


Top 15 popular Asian YouTubers of 2024


While YouTube is the perfect medium to showcase talent for content creators, it is also the platform where Asian YouTubers are becoming pioneers. They are constantly coming up with new content ideas and trendy videos that give the audiences exactly what they desire. Some of these videos are based on workouts, makeup tutorials, fashion tutorials, food reviews, and much more. Here are the top 15 popular Asian YouTubers that you need to discover: 


1. Ajey Nagar 


Delivering some of the best content, Ajey Nagar has made his YouTube channel ‘Carryminati’ reach 40.9 million subscribers. Mostly uploading content regarding comics, satire, parody, and interviews, he often produces some viral videos, and thus his channel is considered amongst the most subscribed channels on YouTube.


Besides being a YouTuber, he is also a rapper, comedian, and singer. Forbes magazine also acknowledged him as they interviewed him for the ‘30 under 30’ category. Along with this, he has been interviewed by Times magazine as, they included him in the Next Generation Leaders list. Soaring high with his fame, he has become one of the top Asian YouTubers of this year. 


2. Ria Yunita 


Being a top Indonesian YouTuber, Ria Yunita or Ria Ricis, is a content creator who uploads videos revolving around her life. She is a prominent name as she is an established actress and writer while being a top YouTuber.


With 40.5 million subscribers, she has uploaded 3.4k videos and was the second most subscribed YouTuber in 2019-2020. She also claimed to be the first YouTuber in Southeast Asia with the most subscribers.


3. Bhuvan Bam


Another Indian YouTuber who took the social media platform by storm is Bhuvan Bam. Being amongst the list of Asia famous YouTubers, Bam has delivered some of the hilariously-magical videos. His content mainly revolves around comic skits wherein he has by far introduced many characters like parents, uncles, best friends, neighbors, and teachers, to name a few. All these characters are played by him and often follow a story. 


Getting famous was not his motto, but fame came to him after he utilized YouTube to its potential. Apart from being a YouTuber, he is also an actor, producer, writer, and singer. He had recently produced and acted in his own production called ‘Dhindhoora.’ 


4. Ryan Higa


Being an award-winning YouTuber, Ryan Higa is a popular Asian YouTuber who has grabbed the attention of global audiences. His comedic content has always been engaging and helped him increase his reach. 


With 21 million subscribers on this social media platform at this moment, his journey to this subscriber count wasn’t easy. He debuted in 2006 on this social media medium, but there has been no looking back since then. He has, till date, created 403 videos which have revolved around music, acting, and satirical topics. Apart from these, he also has a section dedicated to podcasts where he interacts with prominent personalities and social media influencers. With this, another section of his channel is dedicated to music videos and ‘I dare you’ wherein he plays a different version of the traditional game- Truth or Dares? 


5. Cassey Ho


Promoting fitness as an easy subject, Cassey Ho has gained a massive subscriber count of 9.31 million on YouTube. Giving her YouTube channel the name ‘blogilates’ brought her the attention of many fitness enthusiasts as well as those who were seeking an easy and better way to exercise. 


She surely redefined the term ‘social media influencer’ as she turned the problem of her audience into a business opportunity. She had recently introduced a clothing line that focuses on gym wear and the required accessories and bags. Acing social platforms, this social media influencer has built an empire in multiple social media mediums and gained followers on TikTok and Instagram, apart from YouTube. 


6. Amit Bhadana


Another famous Indian YouTuber is Amit Bhadana. His content includes stairs, comics, and docu-series, which are well received by the audiences. His YouTube subscribers are always growing, and as per records, they are 24.5 million. By far, he has posted 106 videos, which include his four episodes long YouTube series titled ‘SSC.’ 


Being a writer, singer, and director, he is also the first Indian YouTuber to surpass 20 million subscribers within a short span of time and with limited videos. Apart from his main channel, he has also created another YouTube channel dedicated to his fans to enjoy his non-professional personality. 


7. Gaurav Chaudhary


With approximately 5.13 million subscribers on YouTube, Gaurav Chaudhary is among the most popular YouTubers known to have extensive knowledge about technology and mobile phones. His YouTube content is all about reviews, and that is the reason he has a YouTube channel solely dedicated to this, with ‘Technical Guruji’ as the handle name. 


Apart from this, his other channel, which goes by his name only, has 211 videos and has become a prominent name among Asian YouTubers around the world. 


8. TingTing ASMR


Giving the world an experience of ASMR, TingTing is a Chinese YouTuber living in Los Angeles. ASMR is defined as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which helps calm the mind and, in turn, helps eradicate nervous attacks. 


This female YouTuber’s content is focused on delivering ASMR videos, and she has over a million views. These videos are created to provide relief to insomniacs or people who are having trouble sleeping, stress, and such related issues. 


9. Charlotte Cho


An author, entrepreneur, and successful Asian YouTuber, Charlotte Cho is a Korean-American social media influencer and owner of ‘Soko Glam’. Her YouTube channel has gained 101K subscribers, making her rank high in the list of famous Asian YouTubers


Giving her audience the answers they seek, she curates content based on fashion and makeup. This way her content revolves around Korean beauty trends, K-beauty skin care, products, and innovations in the industry. 


10. Triggered Insaan


Cracking the code to connect to his audience at an early age, ‘Triggered Insaan’ is a brainchild of Nishchay Malhan. Despite being an engineer, he found his safe space on YouTube, and with his content, he could easily target the age group. 


This YouTuber has 20.8 million subscribers who enjoy his content, which revolves around rants, roasts, commentary, and comedy skits. His content has made him a top contender in this list of famous Asian YouTubers


11. Chloe Ting


While not being a professional fitness trainer, Chloe Ting is a prominent name amongst the list of Asia no 1 YouTubers. She uploads content revolving around exercises and intense workouts that have helped millions of people around the globe. 


With her global presence, her content is widely accepted as she creates beginner-friendly content that does not require much of equipment setup and is completely free. Her uploads are done weekly, giving her audience weekly challenges. Her exercise routines are specially constructed according to the target areas required on your body, like arms, back, abs, legs, and glutes. This variation helps the audience to choose the appropriate challenge and routine one might be looking for. 


12. Jess No Limit


Gaining a following due to his gaming content, Jess No Limit is a YouTube channel owned by Tobias Justin. This Indonesian YouTuber has successfully earned 43 million subscribers with just 2.5K videos. 


This Asian YouTuber had joined the social media platform in 2017 and built a subscriber count with his content on a global level. This has made it possible for him to increase his reach and enjoy a massive engagement. 


13. Ridhwan Azman


An actor and social media influencer, Ridhwan Azman has built an audience from across the world with his talent and core content. Hailing from Singapore, he had created content revolving around behind-the-scenes, parodies, music, collaborative content, and comedy skits. 


Apart from being a successful YouTuber, he is also an actor who debuted with the series Ah Boys to Men. The show was a Singaporean satirical comedy show and thus gained much popularity in the country.  


14. Wong Fu Productions


A YouTube channel created by three friends- Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang, Wong Fu Productions is driven by fun and entertainment-based content. Giving the videos a concept, they deliver content like sketches, clips from thoughtful to comedies, short films, and reviews. Their feature film titled ‘Everything Before Us’ is available on iTunes, making it easier for users to get an access to. 


As emerging artists and filmmakers, the trio’s channel is amongst the list of famous Asian YouTubers. This has made them gain 3.23 million subscribers on YouTube as of now, with only 676 videos. 


15. Heart Defensor Telagaarta


With 2.81 million subscribers, Heart Defensor Telagaarta is a YouTube channel dedicated to fashion and makeup content. With approximately 2.81 million subscribers on this social media platform, this Asian YouTuber has delivered her content on make-up tutorials, nail art, product reviews, hair tutorials, and even clothing tutorials. This content has made it possible for her to grab the attention of many fashion houses and even make-up brands. 


Apart from them, she has even collaborated with established content creators and created engaging videos. This way, she has successfully built a relationship with global audiences. Hence, she has made a name for herself on the list of famous Asian YouTubers


FAQ Regarding Popular Asian YouTubers 


Q: Who is India’s No 1 YouTuber?


Securing the position of being India’s no 1 YouTuber, Ajey Nagar’s YouTube channel, known as ‘Carryminati,’ has over 40.9 million subscribers. 


Q: Who is world no 1 YouTuber?


American personality MrBeast is the most subscribed individual, whereas T-Series, the Indian record label, is the most subscribed channel. They create engaging content that helps them drive some high engagement. 


Q: Who is Asia’s no 1 YouTuber?


The most subscribed YouTube channel belongs to T-Series, with 254 million subscribers. While Carryminati, Bhuvan Bam, and Ria Yunita are Asian YouTubers with growing subscribers. 


Final Thoughts Regarding Famous YouTubers In Asia


To wrap up the topic regarding famous YouTubers in Asia, it is essential to understand that they are the masters of content creation. Their content always drives high engagement and increases their reach. With a global presence, they have proved that it takes hard work, platform knowledge, and marketing skills to ace the social media game. 


The list of popular Asian YouTubers includes creators from every niche. To name a few, they are gamers, streamers, food vloggers, and fashion enthusiasts. Even though their subscribers increase organically, sometimes they too, need a nudge to increase engagement and reach with their global followers. Therefore, they rely on service providers like Social Zinger, which offers affordable YouTube subscriber packages that bring in genuine subscribers.

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