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Top 20 Famous Female Youtubers [Around the World]

Usually, many viewers on YouTube have often seen that male content creators once dominated many niches, but now, the scene has changed. While preparing the list of the most famous female YouTubers, we came across how creative and strong these YouTubers have become. 

As we moved further into our research, we noticed that many content creators use the platform to gain traction, and female YouTubers are leading the way. 

These women YouTubers consistently deliver high-quality content that fascinates and helps them achieve higher audience engagement. They earn substantial income through these videos as they get more likes, subscribers, and shares from their global audiences. 

However, when we focus on top female YouTubers, the list might go on and on. Therefore, we researched and found the top 20 famous female Youtubers who are leaving an interesting impression on all of us through their creative ideas! 

List of Best 20 Famous Female Youtubers

The following table focuses on the most popular female YouTubers

Name Channel Name Subscribers
Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh  SSSniperWolf 34.1M
Yuya Yuya 24.8M
Jenna Mourey Jenna Mourey 19.7M
Liza Koshy Liza Koshy 17M
Patricia Caeli López Caeli YT 15.5M
Rosanna Pansino Rosanna Pansino 14.5M 
Lilly Singh Lilly Singh 14.5M
NikkieTutorials NikkieTutorials 14.3M
Rachel Levin Rclbeauty101 14.3M 
Wendie Ayche Wengie 13.5M
Bethany Noel Mota Bethany Mota 9.49M 

The above list showcases the famous female YouTubers who are gaining YouTube followers with their wit, comics, and much more. 

Top 20 Famous Female Youtubers

 Below are the details you require to know more about your favorite women YouTubers. 

1. Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh 

Known for her intensive gaming content, SSSniperWolf, or Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, is one of the famous female YouTubers who has gained massive popularity. With around 34.1M subscribers, this female YouTuber’s videos have gradually become a reaction and reality channel. 

Initially, it started as a Call of Duty gameplay channel, but now she focuses on promoting  Neutrogena products. Apart from this brand, this girl YouTuber doesn’t promote any other brand. 

2. Yuya

Starting her YouTube journey at the age of 16, this Spanish YouTube content creator is now a major name amongst the most subscribed female YouTubers in the world. Her popularity rose with her videos focusing on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, styling, and much more. 

Apart from gaining success on YouTube, she also launched a successful perfume- #True, in 2015 and a cosmetics line in 2017.

Her major popularity on YouTube helped her gain an audience base rather quickly. Just like her, you can also enjoy easy YouTube growth

3. Jenna Mourey 

Jenna Nicole Mourey is a former most popular female YouTuber who broke the barriers and accumulated approximately 1.8 billion video views at its peak. With 19.7M YouTube subscribers, this famous female YouTuber went viral with her video titled ‘ How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.’ 

Soaring high in popularity, she brought in more audiences from across the globe through her witty and honest videos. 

During mid-COVID, this female YouTuber took a break from producing videos until 10 months ago. She made a comeback with a video sharing her wedding moments. 

4. Liza Koshy

If you are looking for videos that are entertaining, engaging, and funny, this female YouTuber’s channel is the right choice for you. Gaining popularity through Vines (a former social media platform), Liza Koshy smoothly transitioned to YouTube. 

Apart from being a queen of content creation, this famous female YouTuber is a well-recognized face as well. Her social media growth made her leave an impression on her viewers, which gave the ultimate push to her career growth. Being one of the top YouTube influencers, Liza has an ever-growing YouTube channel. 

5. Patricia Caeli López

Where you are still searching for ways to gain YouTube views, Patricia Caeli Santaolalla López or Caeli, Caeli Alien, or CaELiKe found the key way before. Topping the list of Mexican female YouTubers, she has managed to gain millions of YouTube views. 

Starting her social media journey in 2010, this YouTuber girl has gained 15.5M YouTube subscribers as of 2023. The passing decade has seen her videos range from comedy to video game reviews. Her dedication has proven that you can have any idea and still grow on YouTube

6. Rosanna Pansino

Beautifully using her charm of cuteness and sweetness, Rosanna Pansino has succeeded in marking her presence in the list of top female YouTubers. If you like baking or sweets, visiting her YouTube channel would clarify why she is among the most subscribed female YouTubers. 

Her videos have reached global audiences, ultimately giving her the recognition and followers she always wanted. One of her most-watched videos, ‘ How To Make A Frozen Princess Cake,’’ has almost 198 million views. The video’s reach has made it one of the most viewed cooking video on YouTube. 

7. Lilly Singh

Introducing comical stairs on YouTube, Lilly Singh has mastered this art of entertainment over her YouTube journey. The reason she is amongst the most popular female YouTubers is due to her engaging videos and presence on social media as well as television. 

Apart from her videos, she has also gained a fan following through her book ‘How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life.’ This YouTuber’s achievements have recognitions, like being the world’s highest-paid girl YouTuber in 2017 and being featured in YouTube rewinds every year since 2014 (except 2019). 

Singh continues to deliver engaging hits on YouTube, and if that interests you, YouTube welcomes you, too. 

8. NikkieTutorials

Following the trend of showing your faces with make-up and without make-up, Nikkie de Jager-Drossaers paved her path to success. While being among the most subscribed female YouTubers, this Dutch make-up artist has gained millions of YouTube views on her videos. 

This influential beauty influencer promotes various make-up brands in her YouTube videos while focusing on her key brand. Topping the list of YouTube influencers, her highly viewed YouTube video ‘Power of Makeup’ got her much-deserved fame. 

9. Rachel Levin

We know how DIYs help gain attraction, and it proved beneficial for Rachel Levin when she uploaded a YouTube video titled ‘How to Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles.’ With her mark in the list of female YouTubers, her videos aren’t restricted to beauty hacks. She has even explored the humor niche and excelled in it, too.

Being a YouTuber girl has made her leave her comfort zone and try different things. If this sounds similar, consider expanding your YouTube channel with interesting packages that Social Zinger provides. 

10. Wendie Ayche

Becoming a global name, Wendie Ayche is a Chinese-Australian YouTuber with videos ranging from DIYs to music. Her following grew when she collaborated with Dior in 2018 and was invited to the Dior show. 

As she showcased her talent to the world, her first single, ‘Baby Believe Me’ in 2017, got her the attention she sought. Apart from her YouTube videos and music, she has even lent her voice to PowerPuff Girls (Australia) and Blisstina. 

Another video that grabbed the audience’s attention was in 2020 when this female YouTuber released “Collabs Vol. 1 (Int’l Ver.)” 

11. Bethany Noel Mota

Using YouTube as a platform to express views, Bethany started her YouTube journey as a teenager. This Youtuber girl has now gained a family of 9.49M subscribers over the years and is commonly known as ‘Mota-vators.’ 

While there are many female YouTubers out in the world, Bethany surely has made her mark on this list. Her videos have covered beauty hacks, fashion tips, DIYs, and more. If these topics have grabbed your attention, visit her YouTube channel to learn more. 

12. Eva Gutowski

Enjoying a following of 11.2M, Eva Gutowksi is the successful owner of ‘mylifeaseva’ YouTube channel. Her videos range from fashion to reviews, travel to daily-life vlogs. 

Her popularity rose after one of her videos titled ‘Girls Night In Tour’ hooked viewers. Becoming one of the top female YouTubers in the world, she successfully shares her funny and wit side of personality through her ever-engaging videos. 

Currently, one of her vlogs on YouTube titled ‘ This is your sign to Let Them Go’ has an emotional touch and has engaged more than 758,667 views. 

13. Miranda Sings

Another famous female YouTuber who has managed to gain traction while playing a fictional character is Colleen Ballinger. Successfully branding her fictional character- Miranda, she playfully portrays her as funny, witty, and somebody who enjoys goofy singing.

She created this character as a satire of people who feel posting anything on YouTube would get them likes and subscribers. This idea was generated after watching a few older YouTube videos as per this girl YouTuber. 

14. Zoella

A teenager with a simple dream of sharing her thoughts, brought Zoe Sugg the fame she deserved. Being the most subscribed female YouTuber, she brings the best of beauty, hacks, tutorials, life vlogs, and so much more. 

Beauty being a strong point of interaction for this girl YouTuber made her launch her own brand ‘Zoella Beauty’ in 2014. This decision even landed her the title ‘biggest beauty launch of the year,’ which can be seen showcased on her brand website. 

With just 708 videos, she has secured 4.95M subscribers to her YouTube channel. This fact is as exciting as appreciating it is. 

15. Lele Pons

With just 185 videos, Lele Pons has made an army of 18M subscribers who take an interest in watching her live her life to the fullest. The most popular female YouTuber has a docuseries titled ‘Secret Life of Lele Pons’ where the viewers can have a look at her life unfiltered, which has landed her more views than others. 

Other than exploring social media platforms, she has even made her name in niches like music, film, movies, and even writing. 

Way before YouTube became a source to rise to fame, Lele Pons had found her popularity through Vines. She had found a platform where she could express her funny and goofy side with six-second videos. When Vines shut down in 2016, she went ahead and tried different social media platforms that were similar to Vines, like Instagram and YouTube. 

16. IHasCupquake

Tiffany Herrera found YouTube to be the perfect platform to express her passion for gaming. She created an account in 2010 that solely focused on games initially and later transitioned into fashion, DIYs, and food. Due to her channel’s name ‘IHasCupquake”, she gradually became known as ‘Cupcake.’ 

This best female YouTuber has many prestigious titles to her name. She is currently the only female YouTuber with a Guinness World Record: Gamer’s Edition for Most Popular Female Games Broadcaster on YouTube. This title is a combination of Most Subscribed Female Games Broadcaster, and Most Viewed Female Games Broadcaster

17. Emma Chamberlain

One of the finest and most popular female YouTubers of 2023, Emma Chamberlain, has set an example worth mentioning. Her popularity has been on the rise ever since she was featured on the news and had feature articles written about her work.  

Being one of the popular female YouTubers has added prestigious awards to her name, like the Breakout Creator Streamy Award of 2018. Another amazing recognition she has received is being included in the list of Times Magazine’s TIME 100 Next and The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet. 

18. Bunny Meyer

If you have explored YouTube, you might have come across a channel called ‘grav3yardgirl.’ A wide range of videos focusing on hauls, fashion, reviews, and much more; this engaging channel was started in 2010 by Bunny Meyer. 

Being one of the famous female YouTubers, she has gained over 8.55M subscribers hooked on the range of 1.8K videos she has posted. Each of them being a new surprise for the viewers, Bunny has appreciated the response and given a name to her followers as ‘Swamp Family.’ To engage her audiences, she has a docu-series titled ‘Does This Thing Really Work?’ where she reviews products that are shown on television. 

19. Natalie Alzate

With entertaining videos being posted on Natalie Alzate’s YouTube channel- Natalies Outlet, her popularity is nothing to be questioned about. Her life hacks and DIYs have attracted many viewers and made them click the subscribe button to view more of her videos. 

To produce new and engaging content, she shares her life stories, which helps her increase her following. As of 2023, this popular girl YouTuber has 8.29M subscribers with just 730 videos. 

20. Michelle Phan

A popular name in the fashion and beauty industry, Michelle Phan has left an impeccable impression on the YouTube industry. She has posted 287 videos on her channel with the same name as hers, which has landed her 8.68M subscribers in such a short period. 

Being a beauty and YouTube influencer, she has gained attention from many other influential influencers and top brands in the industry. While being a big name might have made her a strong personality, her business sense is something to admire. As co-founder of a popular beauty subscription box brand- Ipsy, this top YouTube influencer is setting new standards. 

FAQs Regarding Popular Female YouTubers

Who is the famous YouTuber girl?

Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, or SSSniperWolf, is the most popular female YouTuber as of 2023, as per YouTube subscribers. 

Who is the most popular celebrity on YouTube?

Mr.Beast is considered the most popular celebrity on YouTube, with 205M subscribers.

Which female YouTuber has the most subscribers?

SSSniperWolf tops the list of female YouTubers with a total of 34.1M subscribers as of 2023.

Final Thoughts On Top Female YouTubers 

Your search for the Top 20 Famous Female YouTubers comes to an end with this ultimate guide. They surely leave an impression on their viewers, which is why they are the best in the industry. 

As we curated the list of the best female YouTubers, we noticed that with each video they produce, their unique and creative style finds a way to reach their global audience. 

You, too, can show your admiration for them by following them on various social media platforms, YouTube being the one. Your support boosts their confidence and motivates them to produce more engaging videos. 

If you, too, want to boost your YouTube videos and gain more engagement and views, you can simply purchase the packages some platforms provide.

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