TikTok statistics

TikTok statistics you need to know for 2024

TikTok became the go-to app for millennials with the aim of gaining new followers expressing their skills and engaging with their audiences from the comfort of their homes. Since its inception in 2017, tiktok statistics state that it has been a favorite amongst the American audience. 


This social media platform has advanced its features. Now, apart from sharing short-form videos, it also has a marketplace for users to get their hands on products or services they want. Gradually becoming an influential marketing medium, TikTok has revolutionized the manner of consuming short-form videos for us. 


Many social media marketers are trying to understand how to utilize TikTok in their marketing strategy. Before they do so, the basic step is to learn about its statistics. Hence, we also did the same, and it surely was difficult to gather information. Despite the hurdles, here are the tiktok stats that you need to know for 2024


What is TikTok?

TikTok is today’s hype and tomorrow’s trend. Proving to be one of the prominent social media platforms to deliver the trends for the world to follow. TikTok is a mobile application that was designed to share short-form videos and let creators use stickers, sounds, filters, and many other things in their videos. Giving their version to a certain trend, many global creators use TikTok to curate visually appealing videos and gain TikTok likes for better reach


Since its inception, it has seen a major share of downloads, with 150 million monthly users in Europe in 2023. While the world knows this application as TikTok, China has a different name for it- Douyin. They maintain a different statistic for that, and as per their report, currently there are more than 1.5 billion daily users of this app in China. 


In its initial stage, TikTok allowed the videos to be 15 seconds long, but after its growing following, it gave an extension and marked up the limit to 3 minutes. Now, after the rigorous use of the application, the videos can be up to 10 minutes long. 


Therefore, many TikTokers around the world are doing their best to gain maximum followers through their massive reach. Sometimes, the organic method works, but sometimes, these creators need a nudge. That is why many service-providing platforms have come forward with packages aiming to promote budget-friendly TikTok followers packages that help them grow and showcase their skills to a global audience. 

General TikTok statistics

Ranking amongst the top three contenders in the app-o-sphere, TikTok has become a top choice for influencers and content creators. With maximum usage of this social media platform, many users have been a part of the massive reach of various trendy videos. Even though there are multiple tiktok stats to mention, here are a few general statistics for you: 


  • 1.6 billion users of TikTok are active as of 2023
  • The highest number of users are active in the United States.
  • TikTok was the most downloaded non-game app in the first 6 months of 2021.
  • The application has been downloaded 3 billion times as of 2023
  • One minute is the average time a user spends on a single video on this app.
  • US users spend approximately 26 hours each month on TikTok
  • Amongst the users of TikTok in the US, 43% fall under the demographic category of 18-24 years. 

TikTok user statistics


Being one of the most used non-gaming mobile apps, TikTok has reported 3 billion downloads so far. This fact also indicates that users are enjoying its features, and that is why it is also reported that over 130 million users are active on this platform. With an ever-growing strategy, TikTok is believed to rule the video-sharing platform industry in 2024. The app is also believed to come up with new and exciting features that will be beneficial for the entertainment and business industries. 


Adding to such interesting facts, here are some more intriguing tiktok user statistics


  • As per recent reports, the United States has over 80 million active monthly TikTok users.
  • While being monthly TikTok users, around 5 million businesses use this video-sharing platform. 
  • Among the large user base, 60% are GenZ, who have mastered social media. 
  • The average time tiktok users spend on this platform is 95 minutes daily. 
  • 29% of users of TikTok are active and have installed it on their phones. 
  • The average percentage of TikTok users who log in daily is 90%.
  • Every second, 8 new users join TikTok. 
  • In one session, the average time spent by a user on this social media platform is 11 minutes.

TikTok User Demographics

TikTok has taken the world by storm and made video-sharing an easier concept. While many TikTok users are still finding their way through the app, there are some who have made an ever-lasting impression. 


But the question is which demographics are utilizing this social media platform’s power and how are they vocal about it. Therefore, here are a few tiktok demographics that will increase your interest in TikTok:


  • The demographics of TikTok state that in every 4 users, 1 user is a 20-year-old. 
  • As per records, TikTok has more GenZ than Instagram. 
  • More than 50% of active TikTok users are females, and 43% are males. 
  • Besides the United States, Saudi Arabia’s 90% population is active on TikTok.
  • Making their way through the crowd of TikTok users, the largest consumers of TikTok fall in the age group of 10-19 years. 
  • Around 47% of TikTok users are 30 years old.

TikTok for business statistics


When businesses started noticing the potential growth TikTok could provide, they transitioned to this social media platform quickly. They took advantage of this golden opportunity and promoted their products and services in a more hassle-free manner and at a lower cost. 


While they were upgrading their products and services, their tiktok followers were gaining speed. Here are a few more facts that will help you understand how brands and businesses are performing! 


  • TikTok’s marketplace has over 100,000 TikTok creators curating interesting and engaging content.
  • When content creators collaborated with established brands or influencers, the view-through rate increased by 193%. 
  • Many purchases are made through TikTok, and as per recent reports, 68% active TikTok users have actually made purchases. 
  • While making their TikTok presence valid, many brands have established a connection with their consumers. Validating this fact, around 73% users have agreed to it. 
  • Becoming a top choice of social media marketers, TikTok helps brands run their ads comfortably. Giving a high reach to their audience, approximately 50% users have been included in this data. 
  • Giving a base to reach many users, TikTok’s ad reach is estimated to reach 18%. 
  • Being a perfect platform to endorse brands and products, the engagement rate of TikTok is 18%. 

TikTok Marketing Statistics

Any brand could easily gain and enjoy high profits with the right marketing skills and tactics on TikTok. With the mere presence of the fact that any video could go viral or become a trend, many markets are making their respective brands and businesses visible on this social media platform. 


As per a recent report, various businesses are willing to pay more than $50,000 to overtake a brand for a day with the promise of gaining more than 5 million impressions while exploiting the TikTok marketplace and TikTok ads section. Below are more interesting facts about how tiktok marketing statistics are turning out after this fun dance: 


  • Of all the ads communicated by active TikTok users, 63% delivered the message correctly. 
  • Approximately 90% of hashtag challenges on TikTok could help various brands land 2.5x ROI on ad spend. 
  • With the correct marketing strategy, brands can increase their audience base 2x. According to records, approximately 61% of TikTok users have mentioned buying products from this social media platform after watching an advertisement. 
  • Out of the many consumers and users of TikTok who actively buy from this social media platform, 63% have said that they are brand-conscious. 
  • As fun-filled and loaded one would find their TikTok feed to be, approximately 3.7% of the content is brand produced. 
  • 37% active TikTok users have reported responding to a call-to-action (CTA) when TikTok ads engage with them directly. 
  • As social media marketers are budget-conscious, TikTok ads cost approximately $10 per view and $500 for a campaign minimum. 
  • From the massive audience reach, TikTok’s ad reach mainly targets GenZ.  
  • The GenZ audience includes 25% females and 17.9% males. 

Final Thoughts On TikTok Statistics


As we reach the end, it is essential to understand that with TikTok gaining growth, it is evident that the tiktok statistics are supposed to fluctuate. Although TikTok has reached almost 1.1 billion users who have exploited the best of this social media platform, it is still trying to reach more audiences. While it took Instagram 6 years to reach a large audience base, TikTok did it in a much smaller time span. 

The tiktok stats have covered the basic yet essential information beneficial to businesses, markets, brands, and users in general who wish to make an impression in 2024. This social media platform is surely a space for content creators to express their skills concerning whatever niches they have mastered, like dance, brand endorsements, recreating trendy videos, and much more.

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