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Instagram Statistics You Need to Know for 2024

Instagram is one of the prominent social media platforms worldwide, which has maximum engagement and tends to become a safe space for users. As per instagram statistics, it is a medium where users promote their brands, services, products, and share daily life activities. 

While being a user-centric platform, it takes serious precautions for user privacy. This is the reason why more than 60% of the world’s population has access to this social media platform. While most countries have made it to the list of maximum users, India and the United States rank next to each other as 180 million and 170 million users are present in these countries, respectively. 

Even though Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, it transitioned to a social medium with its many features like Stories, Reels, IGTV, Guides, and much more. Now with a massive usage count, one can easily understand why Insta is a go-to app for mobile users these days. If you want to learn more about instagram statistics, scroll down below! 

What is Instagram?

A photo and video-sharing platform that has driven the world since 2010, Instagram is one of the prominent social media mediums. Being used widely across the globe, it has a simple interface compared to other social media platforms designed for the same motive. Available in more than 30 languages, the app is available for IOS and Android smartphones.

Since its release, the app has been downloaded more than a million times as it helps people connect with friends, old and new, from across the globe. It was in 2012 when Facebook acquired it and later became a part of the Meta. 

The amazing app has multiple features where users can easily share their moments, ideas, and much more. These features include the following:

    • Stories: A 24-hour format where photos and videos, once shared, would disappear after the said time. 
    • Messenger: Share and connect with friends and followers for easy communication.
    • Feed: Post photos and videos on your profile in order to share with friends and followers.

While those mentioned above are few facilities, the app has many more features associated with which users enjoy. 

Instagram statistics you need to know for 2024

General Instagram statistics

Since Instagram is a top choice for users, it goes without saying that instagram statistics would be interesting to know. Here are some of the general Instagram statistics that will keep you intrigued:

  • The app’s high usage comes from India, closely followed by the United States.
  • On average, 1 billion users of this app are active worldwide.
  • 500 million daily users of this app are active globally.
  • Insta stories have taken over the world, and its competitor app ‘Snapchat,’ has with daily active user’ count reaching 150 million. 
  • Instagram even helps small businesses and brands to reach audiences by allowing them to run ads. This has ranked it 4th in the preferred social media platforms to advertise. 
  • 23.92% of active Internet users access Instagram, which is equivalent to the population of Europe and Africa combined. 
  • On average, daily active users spend around 30 minutes on Instagram, where users below 25 years old spend around 32 minutes, whereas those above 25 years of age spend 24 minutes. 
  • As a company, Instagram has just 450 employees attending over 1 billion users, whereas Facebook, which is its parent company, has around 58000 employees for over 2.9 billion users. 

Instagram usage statistics

Instagram is definitely one of the most popular and highly used social media platforms. Therefore, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if we said that on a daily average, 500 million people use it. Here are more instagram usage stats that will leave you intrigued: 

  • On an average, there are 1 billion people using Instagram globally. 
  • With 180 million and 170 million users, India and the United States record the highest number of users. Following them closely, Brazil has around 110 million users. 
  • There are 4.8 billion internet users who have access to Instagram, and out of these, 28.88% are active. 
  • 17.54% of the world’s internet users enjoy Instagram and its facilities. 
  • While users are enjoying many facilities provided by Instagram, it is Instagram stories that witness more engagement. As per records, 500 million+ daily users interact through the stories. 

Instagram Stories and Reels statistics

Instagram stories and reels are the features that help in bringing engagement. The feature allows one to share their thoughts, products, services, and ideas in a creative manner. Due to this, there are more than 500 million users who engage with Instagram stories and get more views. Below are more stats that will help you learn more about this feature: 

  • A major portion of the users is millennials, contributing to around 60% who view or share Instagram stories as per instagram user statistics.
  • Becoming one of the best resources for brands to bring engagement, 31% of brands use Instagram stories to run ads. 
  • With the feature to add audio to one’s stories, around 2.70% view them with audio on.
  • On average, 86.6% users engage in Instagram stories.
  • Reels are considered one of the highest engagement magnets among the features provided by this social media platform. 
  • Instagram reels drive in 57.4% usage by global users. 
  • The audience of Instagram reels is 18-34 who actively participate. 
  • Reels bring in high engagement for those accounts with a smaller follower count. 
  • 35.9% of Instagram feed includes a majority of reels by the users. 
  • 77% users have responded to any action required after watching the reels.
  • After watching reels, around 82% of users have followed the associated Instagram account. 
  • According to reports, men’s reels account for 54.7%, whereas women’s percentage is 45.3%.

Instagram demographics statistics 

Researching the demographics of instagram users was interesting and crucial as it would unfold the diversity of the users. As this social media platform is surely one of the most used mediums, many users have it opened on their phones simultaneously. The statistics cover age groups, geographic locations, behaviors, interests, and much more. Let’s uncover more facts about this: 

  • When compared according to the active users, India ranked at the top with 229 million Instagram users, whereas the United States has 143 million. Brazil ranked third with 113 million active users. 
  • Marking history, Brunei became the top contender to enjoy Instagram audience reach, with 92% of the population being active on Instagram. 
  • The United States is considered one of the countries with the highest social media usage. Among this, 21% of GenZ are daily users who engage in Instagram reels. 
  • Finding solace on Instagram, around 50% of the United States population is active on this social media medium. 
  • Globally, approximately 87% of Instagram users are not a resident of the United States. 
  • While the age group of 25-34 are active users, it is reported that the division according to gender is 16.4% and 14.8% of men and women, respectively. 
  • 17.6% account for Instagram users worldwide. 

Instagram Engagement Statistics

Instagram is considered one of the best choices by brands and influencers to enjoy high engagement rates. With their goals to reach many followers, likes, shares, and comments, they tend to utilize Instagram’s features strategically. 

Below, you will find more interesting and intriguing facts associated with instagram growth statistics:

  • As of 2023, 0.97% was the engagement rate on any kind of posts made on Instagram.
  • The highest engagement rates were secured from Asia-Pacific regions, indicating a high use of Instagram in this region. 
  • When posted in a carousel format, the average engagement rate turned out to be 0.77%. 
  • If a video post is shared, it brings in more engagement than other formats. 
  • Ranging between 5-7% engagement rate, posts with captions of less than 20 characters tend to enjoy more engagement. 

Instagram business statistics

Businesses have found a new and hassle-free way to increase their consumer base- Instagram. Be it established brands or small businesses, over 200 million Instagram business accounts are trying to get more engagement through this social media platform. While it draws more engagement, it also helps them advertise their products and services without much hassle. Below are more such interesting facts and instagram statistics for business for you to unfold!

  • As per records, on average, around 1.77 times posts are shared from any Instagram business account. 
  • As for engagement statistics, business accounts with less than 10k followers perform better. 
  • 1.51% of post engagement on business accounts with less than 10K followers are reported as far. 
  • Business accounts on Instagram with followers between 10k and 100k followers have post engagement of 0.93%.
  • Average post engagement on business accounts on Instagram with more than 100K followers is reported to be 0.78%. 
  • On record, 90% of instagram accounts follow at least 1 business account on Instagram. 
  • From the high amount of instagram accounts, 92% of account holders trust user-generated content compared to traditional ads. 

Instagram advertising statistics

Instagram has become a safe space for businesses to advertise their products and services. Gradually becoming a hot tool for digital marketers, they are transitioning to utilizing Instagram ads for better reach and engagement. As for instagram growth statistics, we did the research and found the below-mentioned facts fascinating: 

  • With 61% recorded as the highest, Instagram’s advertisement targets audiences that fall in the range of 18-34. 
  • Approximately over 2 million marketers are exploiting Instagram ads. 
  • While leaving behind the traditional method of advertising, 81% of users believe that user-generated content has influenced them to buy products or avail of services. 
  • As reported, over 84% of B2C marketers find their way to Instagram and utilize its features as suited compared to 74% of B2B marketers. 
  • The Cost per Click of Instagram ads is always rising, making it a prominent yet tough choice for social media marketers. 
  • Despite being a global social media platform, the highest Instagram penetration is done in Turkey, with 76%. Closely following it is Argentina and Brazil with 66.5% and 65.9%, respectively. 


Concluding the above, instagram statistics have indicated that using Instagram for growth has always been beneficial. While the variations in statistics will happen, it is also important to understand how one can work towards it.

Instagram is one such social media platform that is always ready to introduce new and exciting features in order to engage more audiences. Business account holders are exploiting them and gaining a better ROI, as per instagram marketing statistics. Features like Reels, stories, guides, and shop help them promote their products and services better and reach global audiences.

As we reach the end of the data-sharing article, it is crucial to understand that the data above could fluctuate in real-time.


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