Top 15 Female Instagram Influencers

Leading the Way: A Spotlight on Top 15 Female Instagram Influencers

Instagram is a medium where content creators express their thoughts and ideas hassle-free. Dominating this medium, female Instagram influencers are moving on at a faster rate than male content creators. 

Their active posting has always helped them gain more engagement and reach in comparison, giving them the title of ‘celebrities of this generation.’ Giving tough competition to traditional celebrities, social media influencers are making a trend and paving an alternative yet entertaining way to fame. 

While we looked for the powerful personalities shining on the social media platform, we came across these top 15 female instagram influencers. The list includes personalities from actresses to sportspersons, and fashion and lifestyle influencers. Read on to learn how they have mastered Instagram while enjoying a mix of organic and paid services provided by some growth-providing platforms

List Of Top 15 Female Instagram Influencers

While curating the list of hottest influencers on instagram, we came across some of the most influential personalities who are ruling this platform. The table below mentions some of those who have mastered the art of marketing their ideas and brands skillfully. Read on to know who made it to the list. 

Instagram Account Follower Count Post Count
Selena Gomez 430M 1941
Kylie Jenner 398M 6881
Ariana Grande 380M 125
Kim Kardashian 364M 5955
Beyoncé 318M 2231
Khloe Kardashian  311M 4365
Taylor Swift 274M 613
Huda Kattan 53.7M 2629
Addison Rae 37M 146
Sommer Ray 25.1M 1699

The table above focuses on some of the most influential instagram account holders. You can easily learn more about them as you read ahead. Below mentioned are the top female influencers who are slamming the insta game! 

Best 15 Famous Female Influencers

Below mentioned are some of the most inspiring and aspiring female influencers on Instagram. As you explore their feeds, you will find how gracefully they give glimpses of their daily life and also an insight into their professional life. Read on to learn more about these wonder women. 

1. Selena Gomez

Giving a new definition to being a celebrity influencer, Selena Gomez is an outstanding personality who’s proudly showing off her 430 million followers. Apart from being a rock star, she is also one of the prominent and hottest female influencers

She uses Instagram to give her followers an insight into her luxurious lifestyle, but that is not all. She also understands the power a social media platform like Instagram holds and, therefore, uses this medium to share her thoughts about social causes. 

Though she was a familiar and renowned face as her digital journey started with her debut on the Disney channel, her singing talent took her to new heights. While she was dominating the stage, she dominated Instagram, too. Her active status made her share backstage moments, daily life activities, some mind-boggling news, photographs from a professional shoot, and much more. 

2. Kylie Jenner

Excelling each title- mother, entrepreneur, celebrity, and influencer- Kylie Jenner is one of the hottest influencers on instagram as of now. Being a prominent American figure, she gained popularity through the reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ The show also gave the viewers a glimpse of her interests in fashion and lifestyle. With 398 million followers, her instagram feed is about her interests, influencing her fandom. 

Being in front of the camera since an early age, she has never feared the focus and attention one could get. Inspiring many across the globe, Jenner has utilized her marketing skills through Instagram and built herself an empire of followers. Her instagram feed is the perfect mix of fashion, beauty, and luxury lifestyle.

3. Ariana Grande

Being a sensation in the music industry, Ariana Grande is another top female instagram influencer who has taken the social media platform by storm. Posting selfies, professional photoshoots, snippets from her performances, and promoting her beauty brand – rem beauty, she has perfectly used her marketing skills through this platform. 

Signifying her presence on Instagram, she has managed to get 381 million followers, always looking forward to her posts. Her instagram is another medium through which she shares her thoughts in the world apart from her music. Her music surely breaks records, as most have secured top ranks on Billboard and even been nominated for Grammys. 

Although her music draws major attention to her popularity, she acknowledges the same and shares her thoughts about her inspirations on Instagram as well. In many interviews, she had credited Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey for inspiring her and making her believe in the power of music. While appreciating them, she had shared a post that garnered much attention from across the world.

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is another influential personality who found her way to fame through television.  Featuring in a top reality show, this women influencer has an extensive 364 million followers on Instagram. Her instagram feed is about luxury, beauty, and fashion, which play an influencing aspect for enthusiasts of the mentioned fields. 

While she does post regularly, she also shares her thoughts while utilizing the many features this social media platform provides, like Instagram stories, Instagram live sessions, and reposting, to name a few. 

5. Beyoncé

Beyoncé, or as her fandom calls her, Queen B, is a sensational artist and one of the top female instagram influencers as of today. She has broken records in the music industry for a decade and is now shining bright on Instagram. Her massive following of 318 million had made it easy for her to reach her audiences. 

Queen B showcases her luxurious and glamorous life on Instagram, inspiring millions across the globe through her music. Her posts include her moments from daily life, snippets from music videos, behind-the-scene moments, brand endorsements, and many more. 

As her achievements include being a 28-time Grammy winner, she also has a highly-followed Instagram account worldwide. She gladly enjoys the attention and popularity she has received and gracefully portrays it on this social media platform. 

6. Khloe Kardashian 

The spotlight has always followed the Kardashian family- from their selfies to travel photographs and shining bright amongst them is Khloe Kardashian. Being one of the hottest influencers on instagram, she regularly posts about her day-to-day life. This gives her audiences a glimpse and makes them enjoy the moments with her. 

Giving enough attention to her virtual life, she has also gained the attention of many brands. Her online presence acts as an asset to the brands and gets them enough attention from their audiences from across the world. 

7. Taylor Swift

Making the world groove on their feet with her songs, Taylor Swift has encaptured the hearts of her audience on Instagram as well. Although she doesn’t post that much, her posts still go viral. Sometimes, she posts about her music videos, while sometimes it is just about her life. Amongst all this, it’s her feline friends who make the world a better place. 

As fast and strongly as Swift gained popularity, she gained followers on Instagram at the same speed. Her follower count has reached 276 million, and with each post, they keep on increasing. She uses her magical music to deliver her thoughts, and it is her Instagram posts that give the audience a glimpse of that. 

As of now, her recent posts include images from her ‘Era Tour’ and moments from behind the stage. Since she keeps traveling during this tour, she still manages to update her followers with the events that take place on the stage and behind it. 

8. Huda Kattan

Stroking the perfect follower count on Instagram, Huda Kattan has gained 53.9 million followers with just 2671 posts. Being a top beauty influencer, she also enjoys being among the hottest female social media influencers.  

Using her business skill set and marketing tactics, she has managed to bring her beauty brand- ‘Huda Beauty,’ on the list of multi-billionaire brands in the world. Her beauty products have been used by professionals for years now, and they can never stop praising it. 

Conveying her ideology to the world through her social media presence, Huda has brought the attention of her audience rather easily in comparison to many Instagram influencers.  

9. Addison Rae

Capturing the attention of the audience from across the world, Addison Rae gained popularity through TikTok. After she became a famous TikToker, it was Instagram that became her medium to carry her fame forward. 

As active as she can be, Rae posts about her dance on trending songs, selfies, and even her attending events. Her talent has always attracted attention, so she got noticed by Netflix and secured a multi-picture deal, with her debut being ‘He’s All That’ in 2021. 

Marketing her dance and acting talent through social media has made her one of the top female instagram influencers, with a massive following of 36.8 million.

10. Sommer Ray

Being a fitness enthusiast, Sommer Ray has given people the motivation they require in their fitness regime. Her instagram feed covers everything from being fit to partying till the sun drops. She has accumulated her feed with her passion for music, beauty, and fitness. 

Being amongst the hottest female social media influencers, Ray always delivers something interesting for her audience of 25.1 million to look forward to. She’s active on Instagram as she regularly posts and uploads reels, focusing on her DJ tours, teasers of her music mashups, modeling photoshoots, and much more. Gaining likes and comments on her posts has become simpler as her reach increased globally. 

Apart from being a fitness enthusiast and DJ, she also endorses her own beauty brand- IMARAÏS BEAUTY. The brand focuses on health and beauty products that are vegan, animal cruelty-free, and affordable. 

11. Charli D’Amelio

One of the popular names during the reign of TikTok, Charli D’Amelio tasted fame at an early age. With her dancing skills, she dominated the social media platform and now has spread her wings to Instagram. Reigning this social media medium, she enjoys a following of 45.9 million who are always excited for her posts. 

Apart from her dancing skills, she is also a budding entrepreneur. While achieving new heights, this female instagram influencer has built a multi-product company, does brand endorsements, has a nail polish collection along with a beauty and clothing line, has written 2 books, a podcast, a docu-series, and so much more. Her digital presence has made her a familiar face on the internet today. 

12. Liza Koshy

Making the world laugh with her humor and wit, Liza Koshy has ruled social media for a long time. She made her first appearance through a YouTube video, and then there was no looking back. She then had been posting videos regularly on YouTube, and it led her to increase her audience base. With a global reach, it was easy for her to transition to Instagram and become a prominent name there. 

Now, she is considered as one of the top female influencers who are vocal about their passion and social causes. She has used this medium to enjoy engagement from global viewers who have contributed to her ever-rising subscribers on YouTube and followers on Instagram. 

This American artist’s journey from 2013 to 2023 has been rising every year, and her digital presence truly brings attention. This is why her follower count is 20.9 million with only 471 posts on Instagram.

13. Chiara Ferragni  

Marking her digital presence with famous fashion brands, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most highly influential personalities in the fashion industry who has utilized social media appropriately. Being the first influencer to be featured on the cover of Vogue, she became a sensation and a top female instagram influencer

Although her journey started with blogging about fashion and lifestyle, it was a breakthrough when she collaborated with fashion houses like Guess and Channel. The next step was to spread her wings and so she did. As of today, she is a prominent name in the fashion industry and has inspired many across the globe. People interested in fashion and lifestyle often find themselves exploring her Instagram feed for inspiration. 

14. Nikkie Tutorials

Bring her passion for makeup and cosmetics, Nikkie de Jager has built a channel called’ Nikkie Tutorials’, which is the perfect platform to bring her artistic side before the world. Social media pages by the same name focus on her tutorials for extensive to simple makeup methods, hacks, and tricks. 

With a following of 19.2 million, she regularly delivers tutorials and even uses the platform to be vocal about her thoughts. One of her videos brought her massive attention when she shared her ideologies about the LGBTQ+ community. 

Her recent posts show her trying out viral and trending makeup products, irrespective of whether them being from an established brand or a smaller brand. This idea has often helped her secure contracts from established cosmetic brands and help her do brand endorsements. 

15. Lilly Singh

Being a comic and having a way through videos, Lilly Singh broke records when she debuted as a famous female YouTuber. Although it is not just YouTube where she has shown her skills, it is Instagram where she carries her stardom. With 14 million followers, she aims to deliver her posts on time and speaks her mind whenever she feels like it. 

Although Singh has always shown her wit and funny side, she understands the balance, and so she does post about her professional life, too. Apart from being a top YouTuber and among the top female influencers on Instagram, she is also an actress, TV host, event host, and author. 

Her transition from YouTube to Instagram shows the struggle it takes in order to build an empire and engage with audiences from across the globe. 

FAQs regarding Top Influencers On Instagram

Q: What is a female influencer?

Being a female influencer on Instagram refers to someone who has the responsibility to connect brands with its consumers while aiming to achieve higher reach due to the presence of millions of followers. 

Q: Who are the top female Instagram influencers?

Here’s the list of the top 5 female Instagram influencers with their respective follower count- Selena Gomez (430 million), Kylie Jenner (399 million), Ariana Grande (381 million), Kim Kardashian (364 million), and Beyoncé (318 million).

Q: Who is the most popular girl on Instagram?

Selena Gomez is the most-followed woman, actor, musician, and North American on Instagram, with over 430 million followers. While considering the records set by other individuals, Virat Kohli is the most-followed Asian on Instagram (260 million followers), while Khaby Lame is the most-followed African on Instagram (80 million followers).

Q: Who are mini influencers?

A mini influencer or micro-influencer is similar to an influencer but on a smaller scale. Just like influencers, they conduct brand promotions, services, and products for a fee or trade-in kind. As per reports, micro-influencers are people who have 10k to 50k followers on average. 

Q: Who pays you as an influencer?

When you work as an influencer, you would agree to promote the company’s services and products exclusively or get affiliated with the brand. In exchange for their endorsement, the company pays the influencer. This payment can be made in monetary kind, free products, or any other perks. 

Final Take: Top Female Instagram Influencers

As we reach the end of the list of the top 15 female Instagram influencers, one thing is evident, they surely know how to lead the way. Paving their way through this social media platform, these leading ladies are a prime example of how to market your ideas to the world, professionally. 

If you choose to become an influencer or are a budding influencer, the feed of above mentioned female instagram influencers will be the perfect choice. Their graceful yet professional mannerisms will help you build and execute your ideas in a much better way. While some influencers have organic growth, there are some who believe in growing with a mix of organic and paid services provided by some platforms. Check them out for a smooth and easy digital journey.

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