Instagram Influencers in the World

Top 20 Instagram Influencers in the World

Becoming a top Instagram influencer has become a trend nowadays. But who are influencers? Being an influencer is basically marketing oneself in such a way that brands, fashion houses, or prominent influential people notice you.

Once you consider to become an influencer, choosing the right social media platform like Instagram is crucial. 

Many have excelled and mastered being an Instagram influencer, but who are the famous instagram influencers you must look for in 2023?

We did our research and found these Top 20 Instagram Influencers in the World. Some of them are artists like musicians, dancers, and actors, while some are from the fashion industry and food industry. Read on to know who has made it to the list. 

List of Top 20 Instagram Influencers Ruling The Internet In 2023

As we researched, we curated the list of top influencers on instagram who are ruling the internet and creating trending videos daily. 

Instagram Account Follower Count Post Count
Cristiano Ronaldo 609M 3572
Lionel Messi 490M 1120
Selena Gomez 430M 1941
Kylie Jenner 399M 6883
Kim Kardashian 364M 5956
Ariana Grande 380M 125
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 391M 7432
Virat Kohli 261M 1659
Badgalriri 152M 4898
Khaby Lame 80.9M 460

Below, you will find detailed descriptions of influencers who are becoming social media stars and reigning Instagram. Read on to learn more about popular Instagramers

Best 20 Instagram Influencers Trending On The Internet

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Being a GOAT in football, Cristiano Ronaldo surely has his fans supporting him on social media as well. With nearly 609M Instagram followers, this sportsperson became one of the top instagram influencers in no time. 

He regularly posts on insta, giving his fandom an insight into his daily life activities, events he attends, and even the snippets from his practice. But it’s not restricted to these only. Him being active on Instagram allows his audience to witness his different moods and a glimpse of his varying personality. 

His fame is surely a gold sword for brands, and hence, we can witness him promoting products from various popular brands on his instagram profile.

2. Lionel Messi

Another prominent name in football is definitely Lionel Messi. He boasts 491 million followers on Instagram, which brings him many brands and fashion house’s attention. His high following on this social media platform makes him secure a position in the list of top influencers on instagram

This biggest instagram influencer’s profile includes posts covering aspects like fashionable apparel from events to jerseys worn during a match or moments photographed during a crucial moment in a match or time present with family.

Apart from fashion, his insta profile includes him showing off his off-field persona and highlighting his down-to-earth personality. 

Using his social profile strategically, one would find a balance between brand promotion and personal connection with his fans. 

3. Selena Gomez

Giving a candid insight into her life, Selena Gomez uses her social media power wisely. Having around 430 million instagram followers, she has proudly secured the title of the top social media influencer.

What sets her apart is that she brings out her witty and unreserved personality, giving audiences entertainment and helping them differentiate it from the ‘celeb persona.’

Being amongst the best influencers on instagram, she uses her personal feed to advocate self-love, promote her home brand while giving a shoutout to others too, and everything else that’s close to her heart. 

Scrolling through Selena’s instagram feed is similar to getting a look in her thoughts and activities as she posts regularly.

4. Kylie Jenner

Being an influential personality, Kylie Jenner has reigned the list of biggest instagram influencers. Although she found fame after being starring in her show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ it was her brand and marketing that performed through her Instagram. 

Using her insta game strategically, she often posts about her being dressed up or heading to different brand events, primarily focusing on her passion for fashion and makeup.

She enjoys the title of being among the top influencers on instagram, as her profile is considered an inspiration for fashion enthusiasts. 

Her focus on style, fashion, and lifestyle often gives her followers a glimpse into her luxurious lifestyle. 

5. Kim Kardashian

If you wish to explore another luxurious instagram account, Kim Kardashian’s is the one. This beauty and lifestyle influencer has worked her magic and often delivered some amazing posts that either went viral or started a trend. 

Being an important and famous ig influencer, she has always been active on social media. Often, one would find her posts to be circling around beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and brand collaborations. While most of her engagement draws from this, the posts she has with other influential people and brands act as an important factor, too. 

6. Ariana Grande

Glamoring through the music industry, Ariana Grande has her Insta game on point. With 380 million followers, she proves that her posts have a global reach and justifies the search reason of consumers. 

While scrolling through this instagram influencer’s feed, one would always come across posts like selfies, professionally-clicked photographs, events snippets, and glimpses of daily life activities. 

Known for her music and sleek ponytail with classic eyeliner, she is one of the most influential instagram influencers with an elite instagram presence. 

7. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, famously known as ‘the Rock,’ is already ruling Hollywood and now has impressed his fans on Instagram as well. With his wit and funny posts, he has become a top social media influencer. Hence, he ranks amongst the platform’s sought-after figures, with an impressive 392 million followers. 

While being a familiar face in the film industry, he often shares a wide variety of posts on Instagram, making him a familiar face here, too. His posts include him gracing the red- carpet to spending quality time with his family. Another way to engage with his audiences, he often share Insta stories or go live on this social media platform. 

8. Virat Kohli

While breaking records on the cricket field, Virat Kohli has even broken records on Instagram. As we discuss about records, this cricket is the most followed Asian and third richest athlete on Instagram with 262 million followers. He, indeed, is the top instagram influencer who utilizes his social media power wisely. 

Leveraging the massive following, he often shares brand endorsements with huge entities like Puma, Adidas, One8, Wrong, and many more. Apart from these, he shares glimpses of quality time spent with his family, fitness routines, and cricketing moments. 

Virat’s social media presence is an excellent example of how athletes can use their social media, especially Instagram. 

9. Badgalriri

Rihanna, one of the most prominent and influential personalities in the music industry, has built an army of 152 million on Instagram. Popular with the name ‘Badgalriri,’ she fully utilizes her talent for music, beauty, and make-up through this social media platform. 

Becoming a famous influencer on instagram, she has marketed her brand ‘Fenty Beauty’ into a multi-billion dollar brand. She doesn’t treat this social media platform just for her artistic expression but also as a powerful medium to advocate her thoughts. 

Her activity on Instagram has resulted in impressive growth in her profile and is visible with the rising follower growth.  

10. Khaby Lame

While being a famous tiktoker, Khaby Lame is also a famous ig influencer who has built a strong following of 80.9 million followers. This Senegalese-Italian content creator has impressed his followers with his reaction videos on people being unable to perform easy tasks in a certain manner. 

His active status on Instagram gets him global attention and recognition, making him more visible to his followers on Instagram. This has made him the most followed Italian influencer on Instagram. 

11. Huda Beauty

After becoming a popular female YouTuber, Huda Kattan mastered the marketing arena and turned her digital brand ‘Huda Beauty’ into a billion-dollar brand. Her always-loved videos about beauty and make-up have earned her 53.8 million followers on Instagram. 

While this top social media influencer looks after her beauty brand, she keeps posting videos about her trying viral make-up hacks and trends that gain the attention of global followers. Her frequent treatment of her Instagram followers helped her grow her social presence and extend her post’s global reach. 

12. Chiara Ferragni

If you thought that only following the trend could get you engagement on Instagram, then you were mistaken. Chiara Ferragni is a prime example of how you can market your writing skills on Instagram specifically. 

Before becoming a top social media influencer, she started her digital journey through a fashion blog website ‘Blonde Salad’ for which she was acclaimed with many awards. Her regular journaling brought her the attention she deserved, and then she transitioned to Instagram. 

Following her transition, her regular readers found her content on this social media platform interesting and innovative. Later, she collaborated with extensive and elite fashion houses like Steve Madden, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, J Brand, and Seven for All Mankind. Her instagram feed is a haven for fashion and luxury influencers. 

13. Zach King

Mesmerising audiences from all around the world with his magic tricks, Zach King is one of the prominent names in the Instagram forum. This famous influencer on instagram is known for his illusion-specific videos that go viral on every social media platform and gladly enjoy the Guinness World Record title for the most-viewed TikTok video. 

Initially, he found fame through Vines and then transitioned to TikTok and Instagram. Gaining millions of views on his short format videos on Instagram and TikTok often leaves viewers confused yet engrossed to find out how he actually does all this magic. 

Due to his editing skills, he has a massive 27.9 million followers on Instagram. Apart from following, he even grabbed the attention of many brands like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kinetic Sand, and Turkish Airlines to produce ads for them. 

14. MrBeast

As Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, became a YouTube sensation at just 24 years of age, he understood the power social media holds and how to utilize it correctly. Therefore, he started being active on Instagram and now has become a top instagram influencer.

As of now, his 252 posts hover around his daily life activities or him performing his famous ‘giveaways’ or brand promotions. He surely knows his way around Instagram and often indulges in connecting with his followers. 

Being a top social media influencer has its own roles and responsibilities, which MrBeast does with grace and pride. This can be seen as he has collaborated with brands like Magic: The Gathering, Nerf, and DraftKings, each complementing his persona. 

15. Lele Pons

Gaining popularity through Vines, Lele Pons became one of the best female YouTubers and now reigns on Instagram as well. Her social media presence has made her a familiar face for audiences across the globe and made her a famous influencer on instagram.

Although she initially posted comic sketches, she gradually went on to post about her daily life. All of her 2615 posts give you a glimpse into her life and the achievements she had coming her way. Recent posts show her wedding day, her being the first Venezuela-born star to join a reality show, ‘Dancing With The Stars (USA),’ backstage moments, and funny sketches.  

16. Beyonce

Being the queen she is, Beyonce has her kingdom spread across many social media platforms, where Instagram is the primary one. QueenB, as she is known amongst her fandom, her fans await any social activity from her end. 

Being a rockstar and influential person, she is also one of the top social media influencers ruling in today’s time. With 319 million followers and 2232 posts, she gives glimpses of her being backstage, attending events, being interviewed, being in professional photo shoots, and her daily life activities. Her luxurious life gets a gateway to influence people through her social media activity. 

Beyonce has received many awards with the unforgettable achievement of 28 Grammy Awards. Her magic spread like wildfire when she sold 114 million singles and 29.5 million albums in the USA. Therefore, when she debuted on Instagram, her follower count went up higher than usual, making it valid that she truly inspires us and is loved by millions. 

17. LaLisa Manoban

The K-pop sensation LaLisa Manoban’s instagram debut made a loud noise. This thundering entry made her gain 99 million followers with 1026 posts and a shorter period than others. This BLACKPINK group member boasts a substantial presence on Instagram with her activity on this social media platform. 

Being a powerful name in the industry, she is considered among the top instagram influencers in the world. Her posts often encourage people to add to her follower’s list. Also, her instagram feed included posts ranging from brand endorsements to professional photo shoots. Along with this, she also posts about her personal life with the other band members and enjoying quality time. 

18. Taylor Swift

To get an insight into Taylor Swift’s humorous and witty side, you should explore her instagram feed. Being a formidable figure in the music industry, she is also one of the top instagram influencers with a massive following. 

With 276 million followers, she influences millions around the world with her frequent social media activity. Although she posts at a certain frequency, it is for sure that whatever she posts becomes a trend. They could range from her professional photo shoots to her cute feline friends- Olivia, Meredith, and Benjamin. 

She delivers the perfect answer to anybody who thinks, what can you find on this famous ig influencer’s feed? 

19. Gigi Hadid

From making heads turn at a runway to making everyone click the like button on her posts, Gigi Hadid is one such influential woman. Being a famous supermodel, she delivers the best content for fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts through her instagram posts. This top instagram influencer posts professional photographs to backstage moments. Adding to her range, she also gives some cameo moments of her family. 

While she knows how to keep her model game on point, she also knows how strong social media can be. Therefore, she often posts about social causes on this platform, knowing that they would reach her 79.1 million followers easily. 

Being a popular influencer on Instagram often leads to influencing people and helping them become aware of your thoughts, which Gigi Hadid does successfully.

20. Lilly Singh

Being popular as ‘Superwoman,’ Lilly Singh is one of the famous female influencers on YouTube and Instagram. She also has a following on other social media platforms, one where she is considered among famous tiktokers. 

Being an influential person who has been vocal about her thoughts, she is also someone who enjoys being funny. Initially, she started her digital journey by creating comic sketches on YouTube but gradually transitioned to Instagram as the demand for this social media platform grew. 

While she enjoys being active on Instagram, she has also achieved fame on television, where she hosts multiple events and has a late-night show by her name. As per her Instagram feed, you can get glimpses of her daily life activities, brand promotions, book snippets, and backstage moments to enjoy. 

Apart from her digital life, she has also written a book- ‘How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life,’ delivering the definitive explanation that there are no shortcuts to success. This actress, YouTuber, comic star, and host expresses her thoughts in her own bold voice and definitely motivates her readers while giving examples from her own life journey. 

FAQs Regarding Biggest Instagram Influencers

Q: Who is biggest influencer on Instagram?

A: Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano (537M followers), Lionel Messi @leomessi (422M followers), Kylie Jenner @kyliejenner (378M followers), Selena Gomez @selenagomez (372M followers), and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson @therock (359M followers) have been reigning on the list of top influencers of Instagram. 

Q: How much Instagram pay for $1 million views?

A: Instagram doesn’t compensate users based on the number of views their content receives. Although Instagram offers an advertising program that enables businesses to pay for broader content promotion, the platform does not provide direct payments to users for the engagement their posts receive.

Q: How Instagram pays you?

A: Most Instagram influencers earn money through sponsored content and affiliate partnerships. Nano influencers with strong engagement with their audience can secure lucrative sponsorship agreements. The income from each sponsored post is directly influenced by the size of one’s follower count.

Final Thoughts On Top Influencers On Instagram

As we move toward the end of the list of the top 20 influencers on Instagram, it is important to understand that every content creator is celebrated for their uniqueness. Therefore, as you research and come across the influencers mentioned above, get encouraged and try their trend your way. Sometimes, their posts help you get to know about brands or products that you have no idea of, or you get a simple insight into their lives. 

While many influencers on Instagram have organic likes, there are some who have enjoyed services from many brands available. Having more likes and followers is essential for instagram influencers, as it helps them reach the global audience and convey the message easily.


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