Most Followed Accounts on Twitter

Most Followed Accounts On Twitter (X) In 2024

X, formerly known as Twitter, is one of the prominent social media platforms and a stage to express one’s thoughts and opinions. With users getting engaged in conversations on this platform, there are many who turn into followers. But who has the most followers on Twitter remains an interesting topic of discussion. 


There is no doubt in saying that X is a platform where politicians, celebrities, and well-known names mostly conduct opinion sharing. However, with a stage where one share their unfiltered thoughts comes a responsibility risky enough to twist the opinions of the audience. 


Acing their social media game, many accounts on Twitter or X have made tweets that have either gone viral for their content or have made news due to the account holder. Here’s the list of Twitter accounts with the most followers who have entertained and connected with their audiences better than everybody else!  


List of 20 Most Followed Accounts On Twitter (X)


Finding the most popular accounts on Twitter is nothing short of hustle but we achieved it for you. Below’s the table of most followed accounts on Twitter for you to check out: 


Twitter Handle No. of Followers No. of Tweets
elonmusk 140.5M 34K
BarackObama 132.6M 16K
justinbieber 112.7M 31K
Cristiano 108.5M 4K
rihanna 108.3M 10K
katyperry 107.9M 11K
taylorswift13 92.8M 809
narendramodi 88.7M 39K
realDonaldTrump 87.7M 59K
ladygaga 84.5M 9K


The above table focuses on the most followed accounts on twitter who have been making noise for their content and opinions. To learn more about them, you can check out the below content! 


Top 20 Most Followed Accounts On X


As we advance in this article, we’ll uncover the most followed on twitter accounts and who the mystery owners are! 


1. Elonmusk


Elon Musk is such a powerful personality that he doesn’t need much introduction. The mastermind behind giving the world the privilege of enjoying self-driven cars is also the owner of the social media platform- X. 


X was formerly known as Twitter, but after the entrance of Musk, everything transitioned and leveled up. With the bluebird gone, the letter ‘X’ makes people surf through it more. With more than 140 million followers, he is one of the most followed entrepreneurs on this social media platform.


2. BarackObama


The former president of the United States of America is a fun, classy, quirky, and witty guy. Giving the right balance of casual and professional mood boards to his content, Obama’s Twitter feed is an engaging and fun space to be at. 


His social media presence has always attracted people from across the globe as he shares moments from his time as a president, him being a funny and weird father, him taking tours, and even him enjoying his tranquility around his new home after his term as president ended. 


Barack Obama utilizes Twitter as the perfect space to share his opinions and thoughts regarding the betterment of America and even the betterment of life. 


3. Justinbieber


Justin Bieber is considered one of the top artists in the music industry, and this can be seen through his presence on Twitter. His music will make you groove, but his posts will keep you invested. 


Although he doesn’t upload that much on X, his last post was a statement, “long time coming and excited to finally announce…”. He is more interested in living a quiet life than being vocal on social media. Yet his following count is 112.7K with just 31K posts. 


4. Cristiano


The GOAT of football, Cristiano Ronaldo, has a very active social life that can be seen in his Twitter posts. Delivering the potpourri of tweets, this Portuguese football star has been entertaining his audience with his style and dose of daily life events. 


With more than 108 million followers, Ronaldo’s posts are all about his luxurious lifestyle, football sessions, brand endorsements, and even snippets from his daily life events. 



5. Rihanna


Reigning in the music industry since 2000, Rihanna is a woman of excellence and poise. With her Twitter feed being the best way to get a glimpse of her thoughts, she utilizes it in the most accurate way by bringing forward her thoughts and ideologies. 


Once you scroll through her X feed, you will come across multiple posts discussing her thoughts, while the maximum will be about brand endorsements and promotions. 


She even uses her personal feed to market her makeup brand and gain a global reach with much ease.


6. Katyperry


Making everybody groove to her tunes, Katy Perry is a wonderful musician and an amazing social media personality. Her posts are all fun and promotional but also informational and social cause-centric. 


Even after being the top pop star, she is always working towards developing the music industry and how she can give it back to the community. Her recent tweets have gained much attention from the global audience as she shares mostly about her moments spent during live performances, snippets from her being a judge on a reality show, time spent with her family and friends, and giving back to the society through social drives. 


7. Taylorswift13


Another musician whose music has been ranked first on every chartbuster, Taylor Swift, has been an active member of X. With her evergrowing stardom and fame, Swift has managed to attract Twitter followers too. However, she has always been active on other social platforms where she has managed to grab the attention of her fans. With her recent updates and new releases on YouTube, she became one of the female YouTubers with the most subscribers and now dominates Twitter, too!


Being one of the most influential musicians of this generation, Swift has broken records everywhere. Most of her albums are either top sellers or will become one. She utilizes her social media platform to share her life’s tidbits, snippets from her new singles, moments from the stage, and even backstage moments. 


8. Narendramodi


The prime minister of India is nothing short of the most influential personality of this generation. Narendra Modi is a top politician in India and a master of his art. He surely knows his way through technological advancement and perfectly utilizes social media. His knowledge has often brought much development to the country and has helped people understand how powerful social media can be. 


With 88.7 million followers on X, he is able to connect with his audience easily. His Twitter feed is about government declarations, his visits to other foreign countries for connection-building between the governments, and praising the citizens of his country who were not appreciated or recognized before. 


9. realDonaldTrump


The former President of the United States of America has been an active user of Twitter for long. He has always been vocal about his thoughts and utilized Twitter’s power in the right way.


Most of his tweets have been in the news, gaining him the attention and followers from across the world. Although his former position got the desired attention, but it was his active status and activity on this social media platform that brought him more followers than before. 


10. Ladygaga


Lady Gaga is another top pop star who has given the best of music to the world. Her genre has gained much attention and brought her more fame than ever. Her witty nature and fun music have helped her gain 84.5 million Twitter followers, who are always eager for her tweets. 


She often has discussions and conversations with her fans through her tweets, giving them the trust to connect easily with a celebrity. She also exploits the power of X by putting forward her thoughts and ideas unfiltered, making her rank amongst the top Twitter accounts. 


11. YouTube


Despite being a social media platform itself, YouTube’s Twitter handle is fun to scroll through. The official account of YouTube has tweets regarding the updates and new features that are introduced or will be in the future. 


YouTube has always been a medium for content creators to showcase their talents especially female YouTubers, but Twitter became the social media platform’s space to connect freely with its audience. Utilizing Twitter’s power, YouTube has always shared its thoughts and updates, letting the world know about the changes. 


12. NASA


Marking its position in the list of twitter accounts with the most followers, NASA has made everyone seek more knowledge with its tweets. With more than 78.1 million eager twitter followers, NASA uses the social media platform to share information that excites its audiences. 


The Twitter feed of NASA includes tweets directed to behind-the-scenes of the space agency, new aeronautical discoveries, employee stories, and many more interesting facts. With such engaging content, there is no doubt that it is one of the most followed twitter accounts at present. 


13. KimKardashian


Being a celebrity surely brings in responsibility along with fame, and Kim Kardashian is definitely acing that game. With the accurate usage of social media, she has managed to attract more than 75 million followers. 


Giving subtle fashion tips to sharing thoughts about social causes, she is one of the most popular and influential personalities on social media. She also promotes her clothing brand, which helps her reach a global audience. 


14. EllenDeGeneres


The popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been an influential figure in Hollywood for a long time. Her show has had guests from Hollywood to global artists, too. This way, she welcomed a global audience, making her a popular host. 


Acing her Twitter game, she often uploads snippets from her show, which has been canceled after almost 13 seasons. Apart from these posts, she shares the bare minimum moments from her daily life. 


15. X


X’s official channel has approximately 67 million twitter followers who are there to learn more about the social media platform. Most of its followers are surfing this account for information regarding the updates of X, any news regarding the same, and many more facts. 


16. Selenagomez


Former Disney star and popular singer Selena Gomez is another influential personality who has made her global presence worth her hard work. Her fandom of a global audience is visible through the massive following of 66 million on X. 


She often posts about her concerts, behind-the-stage moments, snippets from her cooking show, brand endorsements, and much more. Her X feed is surely one to watch out for! 


17. BillGates


Being an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bill Gates has always delivered wonders that have enticed audiences every time. His manner of conducting events, connecting with individuals, and even producing technical things that would help the IT industry grow have been appreciated over the years.


Therefore, it doesn’t come as a shock if his following on Twitter counts as 64 million. Each follower often learns new things, as Gates’s posts are factual and intellectual. Hence, his twitter account is considered in the list of most popular accounts on twitter.


18. Neymarjr


In the list of most followed accounts on twitter, Neymar Junior is a Brazilian football player who often entertains his audiences with regular posting on this social media platform. With 42K tweets as of now, his followers are always in something exciting. 


Having an organized feed, this influential celebrity has tweets regarding football declarations, brand endorsements, personal opinions, and daily life moments. 


19. CNN


Amlagmating the power of news and this social media platform’s power, CNN has built an amazing follower count of 62 million. Owned by Warner Bro, CNN is a US-based news agency that believes in sharing even the tiniest piece of news to the world.

Leveraging this fact, they have utilized X as a platform to update their global audiences with their active posting. Therefore, they are the top contenders for who has the most followers on twitter. 


20. Jtimberlake


As an ex-boyband member, Justin Timberlake had built a fandom since the 2000s. His singing career had been a roller coaster ride and made him experience new industries as well. He entered the acting industry, where he became a top star again, and now his fandom has increased. 


With over 61 million followers on Twitter, his thoughts and opinions have been given a bit of extra attention. Complementing the love he receives from his global audience, he actively posts on X and often interacts with his fans. His feed includes backstage moments, events, professional photoshoots, brand endorsements, and many more exciting things. He has claimed his position in the list of top twitter accounts.


Final Thoughts on Most Followed Accounts on Twitter


As we conclude and present our final thoughts on the most followed accounts on Twitter, we can surely say that they are the masters of this social media platform. X has surely become a public space to share thoughts and opinions freely, encouraging engagement from audiences around the globe. 


Their fame on this social media platform is irrespective of their field of work as you can see that they are acers of politics, entertainment, sports, and other industries. The only source of their popularity is the sharing of their ideas while being a wordsmith. This way, they connect with more followers and grow their audience base.

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